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Say hiGoggle Bob has been ranting about videogames since he was about five, but has been writing stuff down since 2001. In 2015, Gogglebob.com was founded predominantly as a dumping ground for Kingdom Hearts posts, but also as a place to generally talk about videogames. Goggle Bob was convinced the site would not last past 50 entries. Now there are over 1,000 individual posts about everything from Mortal Kombat to robotic space lesbians. Nearly a decade later, the site is still primarily based on videogame nonsense, but there is the occasional article that branches out into something that is not in any way related to Donkey Kong. It is a rarity, though.

If you are curious about who Goggle Bob is as a person, go ahead and read practically any third article, as the majority of writing on this site is unerringly indulgently autobiographical. I have measured out my life with plastic cartridges. Goggle Bob is also terrible at maintaining a third-person narrative. Look, if you cannot use a blog as some manner of “live-journal”, what is even the point?

All writing and screenshots on Gogglebob.com have been produced by Goggle Bob, except in rare cases where it is noted as such. Even Worse Streams is a group streaming gang that manifested in 2017, but became more of a Gogglebob.com mainstay as of 2020. More information on Even Worse Streams can be found right here on the site.

Portrait created by Pooch, who I believe has provided enough art for various articles across the site that we are calling her house artist now. Find more about Pooch at her cohost found here.

Currently, the site updates with a new Even Worse and Smash Bros Challenge article every week.

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Here’s an index of all posts on the site. So, you know, if you’re looking for something in particular, and you’re too good for the Search function, this is the spot to be. If you are searching for something regarding Kingdom Hearts Explained, Mortal Kombat Komplete or the Let’s Plays, check their individual FAQ pages for a much faster route to victory. If you want to see absolutely everything of the over 1,000 posts on Gogglebob.com… Well, here you go.

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