Here come the good boysFly high into the mountains to discover…

Location: Soren Camp

What’s the deal: The Soren are above it all. Literally! They have Seru that allow them to fly, and they have set up a camp high in the mountains where the Mist will not reach.

What’s the plan: Get screwed by one guy, and then be mad about it forever. Grantes, the son of the Soren Chief, was a soaring Soren, but he fell in love with a terrestrial nobody, Cara. A relationship with a normal human was forbidden, so Grantes attempted to find a workaround. The malevolent Zora offered Sim Seru wings for Cara on the condition that Grantes would steal the Ra-Seru Eggs from Buma. He complied, and, shockingly enough, Zora gave him nothing. Zora then utilized those eggs to build a whole freaking flying castle, and said castle spread Mist all over the world.

How did it work out: Nothing about that situation worked out for anybody. Grantes was torn from his own wings, and dropped off at Sol to spend the next decade drinking in misery. The Soren did take responsibility for their kinsman’s folly, though, and made many attempts to conquer and destroy the flying castle. It didn’t take. The carpet of Floating Castle is now nothing but Soren bones.

FLAP FLAPHow could it have gone wrong: Shockingly enough, punishing one misguided malcontent and then just sending wave after wave of soon-to-be dead bodies against the problem does not work out well for anybody. The whole Soren tribe suffered for the actions of one selfish prince. And, in the end, it actually worked out for Grantes! He lost his wings, but he reunited with Cara after Buma was thawed out. They live happily in a cabin now. The dead Soren are still dead.

Final Grade: Good job on attempting to solve the problem before the heroes showed up, but no bonus points for otherwise failing. In the end, Cara was the MVP of this scenario (having helped the heroes since a continent back), and the “angels” of Legaia were only ever useful as a means of transportation. Stay mad about it, Cructes.

Even Worse Streams Presents Legend of Legaia
Night 7

April 11, 2023

Random Notes:

  • Good day and welcome to a Goggle Bob and Jeanie stream. We’re kicking things off by complaining about SaGa Frontier.
  • And fanboymaster joins as we get going. He was late thanks to burritoing.
  • Gala is here to punch alcoholism in the face. It’s just like suplexing death.
  • As is natural, we talk about Resident Evil 4 Remake and Mouse-Ashley (Moushley).
  • Sorry!As we venture up a mountain, fanboymaster reveals that N64 Resident Evil had a randomizer. Who knew?
  • Fanboymaster claims that successfully recruiting everyone in Chrono Cross was “sick, perverted, disgusting”.
  • Let’s talk about the OG Xbox. Jet Set Radio Future is great. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002)… not so much.
  • And we welcome Caliscrub to Buffycon.
  • Did you hear there were leaks that they are making some kind of ersatz Jet Set Radio game? And a Persona 3 remake? These are likely just rumors.
  • While exploring the flying fortress, we discuss the many ska bands that are still touring. The dream is not dead.
  • “If the choice is between jam and child labor, I’m going to go with no jam.”
  • As we escape the exploding castle, I must recount the time I was tricked into watching Bewitched by Nick at Nite.
  • ZAPThe game-crashing glitch is discussed as we arrive at Conkram. At this point, we had no idea what would happen…
  • Is the All-Day Burrito a paradise or punishment?
  • “Dino Crisis 3: probably not worth playing, but it’s funny.”
  • And the moment of truth! We hit the glitch mirror… and the game crashes. Whoops! Looks like the Playstation 3 is a problem. I will find a way to overcome this glitch in the meanwhile, and pick it up next stream.

Next time on Legend of Legaia: That’s how the clam crumbles.


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