Wild Arms 3 Part 46: Crossfire Sequence

Okay, we’ve got about an hour before I compulsively have to play more of my latest addiction, so let’s make the most of our time today, March 20, Gecko Day. Extract from baby geckos is used to dye cherries and olives green for cake and cocktail decoration. Being the kind of person that I am, I make a grave in my backyard each time I eat a green cherry. Today is Gecko Day… Please say a prayer for all the geckos you may have consumed.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We found the battle coliseum, and we conquered two out of three fighting divisions. Guess what we are tackling today…


So, like last week, we are looking at the future of our “real” playthrough timeline here. In fact, Wild Arms 3’s final coliseum battle (and most of the rest of this update) all but requires an end-game party. So please be aware that everything you have seen in this Let’s Play so far has been possible for a “regular” party, but a significant chunk of this update is entirely reliant on a party prepared to slay god(s).


And with that caveat out of the way, let’s destroy the Master League.


The Master League has a general recommended level of 80 or so (reminder: in “real time”, my party is around 40), though even at level 100, this is not a cakewalk. You have a scant 15 rounds to take down some of the hardest monsters on Filgaia.


The Daredevils are all about speed…


And wind attacks. They also have the ability to paralyze your party. Protect against paralyze and wind, and you should at least be able to survive.


Either shoot ‘em down, or blow some FP on summoning a Guardian that exploits their Earth weakness.


You know the deal with this mob…

Wild Arms 3 Part 45: Gunmetal Action

Can you feel the love today, March 13, Socks Day? In a recent poll, young women were asked what they would do if their boyfriend sniffed his own socks. 75% answered they would break up. It pains me to think that I belong to a category that young women would want to break up with…

Previously on Wild Arms: I get to use this graphic again!


And now we fly!



… To the nearest town. Directions to this exact location were provided by Roykman last update, so we may as well get this spot out of the way.


Ballack Rise is the only completely optional town in Wild Arms 3. How optional is it? Well, I am obviously further ahead than the Let’s Play in both “realities” of my playthroughs, and, on the PS5 playthrough, I did not even realize I had never visited this town until, like, the end of the game.


Ballack Rise is memorable for one reason…


It is the town Clive rescued back during his introductory chapter. How the hell he got here in the first place is a damn good question…

Wild Arms 3 Part 44: You Gotta Fly

We are here for Wild Arms 3 on March 6, Candle Day. I don’t think there’s much point making holidays for commodities… Things like candles you buy out of necessity anyway, so why waste making a special day for it? We only have 365 days a year, so I think we should use each one for something more meaningful.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We acquired two out of four god-gods, and opened up a brand new shipping route thanks to serpentcide. Now we will… Uh…


Oh! Right! We should go find that dragon!


A healthy number of NPCs across the world are currently chattering about Laxisland and it being some kind of dragon hub. This should lead our intrepid adventurers down the newly opened strait to find our newest (and kinda final) town.


Laxisland is only available by slaying Balal Quo Naga and accessing the inner sea. On a related note, Laxisland and its related dungeon are the only locations of interest that are available after opening the inner sea.


Land ahoy.


Freaky, semi-transparent tentacle monsters stalk the area. We are sequence breaking a tiny bit here: the game suggests visiting this area all over the place, but it is technically not required until after you complete another three plot dungeons. This means the local monsters may be outside of your level-based comfort range.


However, thanks to WA3’s VIT and encounter systems, individual monster battles are not too draining when you are “underleveled”. Would not want to face a boss with that kind of disparity, though.


Welcome to dragon country…

Wild Arms 3 Part 43: Love & Lust (& Sea Serpents)

With Chapter 43, this LP is now my longest Let’s Play of one continuous game. Mind you, it is not yet the largest (as Wild Arms 2 contained about 1,500 more screenshots at its culmination), nor larger than the combined chapters of all Xenosaga games (60 chapters, and that was one continuous story over three[ish] games), but, hey, still a milestone. And I note this in particular because there is still a lot more Wild Arms 3 to go…

And this milestone hits the site on February 27, Nail Polish Day. Polishing nails is the graceful habit of girls and cats. Hence, those who polish nails are either a girl or a cat. Count Begucci polishes his nails, but he isn’t a girl. Therefore, we shall declare him a cat..

Previously on Wild Arms 3: The demons attack! With the party now completely aware of Siegfried and the Prophets menacing the world once again, a counter offensive must be launched! And in order to do that, they’ve got to do… stuff.


“It was about three months ago, right when you took your first step outside. They said they found the statue of the Guardian Lord of Love, and that it was on its way over the dunes. But before it arrived in Jolly Roger, the ship ran into a dune beast, and was reduced to scrap in a matter of seconds. The ravaged vessel’s skeleton is either at the bottom of the dunes, or in the belly of that horrible beast.”

As I am tired of mentioning, this portion of the game is primarily fueled by NPC gossip. Baskar, naturally, has a lot of leads on the Guardian Lords. Ellen has been good to Gallows since the game started, so striking up a conversation while Gallows leads will point you toward Jolly Roger.


“Hope lies beneath the deepest darkness, courage in the cracks of boulders. Love, swallowed by cruelty, is banished with tears to the sand. Meanwhile, desire lies the end of mankind’s prosperity. Where do our thoughts and emotions go? As long as our souls are parched and fatigued, the guardian lords’ strength is lost.”

It all sounds metaphorical, but these are exact directions to the four lords. Just keep an eye out for deepest darknesses and ends to prosperity.


Anywho, that Jolly Roger clue was pretty blatant, and it’s a short walk over there…


Particularly when you’ve got a horse.


I appreciate that many different NPCs provide the same basic clues, but in different ways.


But we are looking for love…