Let's legend our legaiasAll seemed well in the world. There was conflict, yes, but humanity had reached a new echelon of comfort, and society at large was global and wonderful. Then a plague came upon the planet, and the world quickly descended into chaos. Communities were fractured, people were forced to barricade themselves in their homes, and it felt like this darkness would last forever. While the storm did eventually pass, many countries were forced to make harsh, mitigating decisions during the epidemic, and now they would have to live with those choices in the light of a brand-new day.

Does any of this sound familiar? Because it is the plot of an RPG from 1998.

The world of Legaia is threatened by a mysterious Mist that infects the technology of their planet, and causes any human relying on this biological/magical tech to become a (literally) crazy monster. And over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at how each town in Legaia deals with the issue of the encroaching mist. We’ll start with…

Location: Drake Castle

What’s the deal: Drake Castle is a fortified town that was built on the side of a mountain. They have a ruling monarchy (King Drake, natch), and the majority of its residents seem to live within the castle walls. Apparently an outdoor bazaar is available for travelers during peaceful times.

What’s the plan: The Mist is coming, so King Drake decided to try a little science. Yes, the Mist transforms you into a murderous monster if it makes contact while you are wearing a Seru, but your monster form apparently doesn’t age or require sustenance. Additionally, Seru Monsters do not attack or harm other monsters, so it is safe to stick all your infected in one place. So, with all this information confirmed through experimentation, King Drake decides to quarantine everyone in the dungeon, and wait for the Mist to come.

How did it work out: Surprisingly well! The people of Drake (king included!) were possessed in their cells, and they waited out the mist with seemingly zero casualties. The whole place was really hostile for one boy venturing through the castle on his way to a magical tree, but nobody had to worry about that. The infected people probably just thought of the whole time as a long vacation.

Stupid birdHow could it have gone wrong: Seru-Monsters have to eat… or… something… eventually, right? We don’t know how long everyone was sitting in those cells, but something would have had to give eventually if Vahn did not come along when he did. Also, considering the strength of some of these Seru-Monsters, those prison cells had to be practically indestructible.

Final Grade: Science was involved in finding an allaying solution, even if it was not an actual answer to solving the problem. Lock everyone in their home and infect everybody all at once seems to actually work in this fantasy world…

Even Worse Streams presents Legend of Legaia
Night 1

February 21, 2023

Random Notes on the Stream

  • Welcome to Legend of Legaia! We’ve got the usual Even Worse crew of BEAT, fanboymaster, and Jeannie.
  • Our heroes?It is determined that every character has a polygon budget of seven shapes. But, hey, they’ve got actual 3-D backgrounds on the PS1. No prerendered backgrounds here, Cloud!
  • Our first “training” battle leads to a discussion of RPG deities. Fun fact: we will not fight god in this game.
  • “Oh damn you have a sexy hot water heater threatening the town.”
  • Ample Vigour arrives as Rim Elm is invaded and pecked to death by birds.
  • An important discussion on JoJo stands and their amazing names transpires.
  • Caliscrub arrives asking how many legends he has missed out on. We haven’t even gotten to the first Genesis Tree yet!
  • “Is this because he didn’t pray to the tree hard enough.” “No, he didn’t pray to the tree fast enough.”
  • “I’m saying put Turok in The Three Caballeros!”
  • The inadvertent racism of the Nintendo Vitality Sensor is discussed as we cross the overworld to Drake Castle.
  • A spirited discussion of Beavis and Butthead ensues. Fun fact: the reboot is good.
  • The story of Twitter’s current situation is, “We have to find the richest, dumbest man in the world.”
  • “Who is this!?” “It’s Noa!” “Sometimes known as ‘girl’.”
  • STAND CLOSER“You can turn a tree into a chicken, but you can’t do it in a horny way. That’s not allowed.” Apparently, this is our opinion on Harry Potter.
  • And then a brief history of the horrors of the Boxer Rebellion.
  • Fanboymaster finds LegendofLegaia.net, your source for Legend of Legaia information, apparently.
  • Ample Vigour has played this game before, and speaks to the many ways it is brutal over the course of this stream. Consider it a way of processing trauma.
  • AJVark arrives as Ample Vigour leaves, and we discuss Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.
  • And we have our first boss! Goodbye, Rock Yeti! Sometimes the wolf wins.
  • WORK ERR2 glitch! This is ominous! But don’t worry, this is not a game breaking glitch. That comes later.
  • And then we wrap up as Guilty Gear tiers are recounted.

Next time on Legend of Legaia: The burden of a full party.

Oh no
Please don’t hurt wolf dad

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