Even Worse Streams

This hurtsWhat is Even Worse Streams?

Since 2017, Goggle Bob (that’s me!), BEAT, and fanboymaster have been randomly streaming videogames as the mood struck us (mostly me, Goggle Bob). As of 2020, we decided to go steady, and now we stream some games every Tuesday night.

Who is Even Worse Streams?

I am Goggle Bob. BEAT and fanboymaster are also people who exist, and seem to have been around since the beginning. Jeanie was also someone who showed up a lot, and now she’s an official member. Beyond that, nigh anyone can stop by to be on the stream, so we frequently see people like Ample Vigour and Caliscrub, though they do not have membership cards.

None of those names mean anything to me.

That isn’t a question.

So there are streams weekly?

Yes. The current schedule is we stream every Tuesday at 8:30 PM EST.

Where are games streamed?

I am generally hosting these streams, and you can find my twitch at twitch.tv/gogglebobblog. Sometimes BEAT or fanboymaster stream, and they are at twitch.tv/beatishate (BEAT) or twitch.tv/fanboymaster (fanboymaster). You should probably subscribe to all those channels, too. You know, just in case.

Do you play each game to completion?

We play each game as much as we want to play ‘em. Killer 7, World of Final Fantasy, the Mega Man Legends franchise: all of these games were played completely and thoroughly. Everyday Today’s Menu for Emiya Family? Not so much.

Where can I watch old streams?

Right here on this site! Below is a complete index of all Even Worse Streams that have appeared on the gogglebobblog twitch channel.

When are streams added to the site?

Whenever I feel like it. Sometimes streams are transformed into quasi-Let’s Plays, and sometimes they accompany random articles for the featured game. I cannot guarantee any stream will be uploaded at any particular time, but there is a bit of a method to it for the serial streams.

What is that method?

An Even Worse Stream is guaranteed to be uploaded to Gogglebob.com every Wednesday. It is not an immediate turn around on whatever was streamed nights before, but it is an Even Worse Stream. Currently, every Monday is going to be Street Fighter 6.

Are these streams for children?

Oh my no. There is coarse language, and BEAT frequently says more cusses within the first five minutes than most grandmothers say all year. These streams are intended for mature adults. … Albeit the word “mature” is being used loosely there.

Do the streams contain spoilers?

Assume that if you are watching a game, we are going to spoil the game and every game ever related to it. Fast and loose here.

Where did all these pictures come from?

Unless otherwise noted, all images are captured during the stream. If you have a photographic memory, and you have already watched the stream, you need not look at any of the pictures.

Hey, I just watched a stream. What is wrong with you?

I like videogames. I never said I was any good at videogames. And everyone knows that hosting a stream means your brain rots by a solid thirty IQ points. This is a longwinded way of saying that these streams are not meant to showcase my skills. These streams are meant to showcase how many times MegaMan Trigger can die to the same silly trap.

Where did the name “Even Worse Streams” come from?

We were trying to name our little gang, and every progressive suggestion was somehow “even worse”. So we are Even Worse Streams. I think it is also the name of a “Weird Al” Album, so please do not tell him.

Here is every Even Worse Stream currently available on Gogglebob.com


World of Final Fantasy

· Part 01

· Part 02

· Part 03

· Part 04

· Part 05

· Part 06

· Part 07

· Part 08

· Part 09

· Part 10

· Part 11

· Part 12: Let’s Review

· Part 13: What Even Happened?


Chrono Cross

· 01: Introductions

· 02: The Raid

· 03: The Planet

· 04: Character Study

· 05: How Pretty

· 06: The Dead Sea

· 07: Dragons

· 08: FATE

· 09: Final Boss(es)

· 10: The Ends



· 01: The Story of Fei

· 02: Fei in the Desert

· 03: The Will to Fight

· 04: Two Strong Women

· 05: In Chains

· 06: Ricardo Banderas

· 07: The Good News

· 08: The Ballad of Billy

· 09: Question Not Thy god

· 10: Maria & Chu-Chu

· 11: The Power of the Fatima Jasper

· 12: Acceptance

· 13: Solaris

· 14: Time is Running Out

· 15: People and Power

· 16: Know Thyself

· 17: Better Living Through Death(s)

· 18: The Reunion

· 19: Everybody

· 20: Robot Roll Call


Musashi Franchise

· Brave Fencer Musashi 1: Copycat

· Brave Fencer Musashi 2: Toys!

· Brave Fencer Musashi 3: About Time

· Brave Fencer Musashi 4: Confusion

· Brave Fencer Musashi 5: Upgrading

· Brave Fencer Musashi 6: The Finale

· Musashi: Samurai Legend 1: Welcome to the Mall

· Musashi: Samurai Legend 2: Fishy Problems

· Musashi: Samurai Legend 3: The Good Stuff

· Musashi: Samurai Legend 4: Forgettable


Articles where the stream is “The Point”

· Even Worse Streams Potpourri 1

· Even Worse Streams Potpourri 2

· Xenosaga Episode III Special 2: Xenosaga Freaks

· WW #07 Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed

· FGC #300 Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

· FGC #319 Mega Man 6 & Mega Man 7

· Kingdom Hearts FAQ #13.9

· FGC #606 Mega Man Legends

· FGC #611 The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

· FGC #638 Mega Man Legends 2

· FGC #642 Portal 2

· FGC #651 Goat Simulator 3

· FGC #652 Gungrave: Overdose


Articles where there is incidentally a stream

· FGC #596 Mega Man X7


· WW #14 Everyday Today’s Menu for Emiya Family

· FGC #626 Kirby and the Forgotten Land

· FGC #633 Sonic CD

· FGC #637 Tekken’s Nina Williams in Death by Degrees

· FGC #645 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

· FGC #649 E.V.O.: Search for Eden

· WW #15 Wife Quest

· Wild Arms 3 Part 47: In Blackest Night

· SBC #02.2: Sheik & The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

· SBC #03 Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Land

· SBC #10 Young Link & The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening























Chronological List of EW Streams
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