We have previously focused exclusively on Fei Fong Wong, but today, let us consider two very different women spoken of in the Xenogears scripture.

Marguerite “Margie” Fatima would one day be the Holy Mother of Nisan. But long before that, she was a mere child. And when she was a child, Shakhan and the Gebler forces led a coup of the Aveh government in pursuit of the great treasure of the Fatima family. They did not find what they were seeking, but they did cut a bloody swath through the royal family in pursuit of this goal. The king committed suicide. The previously Holy Mother committed suicide. Margie’s father died thanks to extreme torture. And, despite being children, Prince Bartholomew and Marguerite were both tortured as well. Margie and Bart eventually escaped, and they both ascended to leadership positions at extremely young ages. Holy Mother Marguerite took her title at the age of ten.

But did Margie give up after her horrible childhood? No! She steeled her own resolve, and took solace in her cousin who had protected her during their imprisonment. She missed her parents, and had reservations about potentially marrying into royalty, but she still fought hard, and was an exemplary Holy Mother. Her tours of the cathedral were legendary! And her unwavering belief that we all needed to work together, because we were “single winged angels”, is an important lesson we should all adopt even today (even if it has no actual basis in the principles of flight).

Margeurite may have been tortured and kidnapped repeatedly (at least once because she was weighed down by a pink, sentient doll), but she was still a strong, dedicated woman. During times of political strife, she was still the people’s choice for religious leader.

Elhaym “Elly” Van Houten could have been the Holy Mother of Nisan in another life. But, in this time, she was born in Solaris, the floating city that would be responsible for the misfortune of Marguerite. While Elly was raised in the lap of luxury, she was ostracized, as her red hair made many believe she was the result of an affair with a lower class “lamb”. But Elly persevered, and eventually joined the Jugend Military Academy. As part of a fairly routine procedure, Elly was given an experimental drug, Drive. Then things got… unpleasant.

Look at her goElly took poorly to Drive, flipped out, killed two other students, injured three more, and literally painted the walls red with blood.

And then she spent years in a rolling state of denial, before deciding to use Drive again. And then the only reason she survived that is some dork that once saved her from a dinosaur beat the crap out of her and demanded she not “let go of [her] true self.” She survived the encounter with her position intact, but it seemed obvious that it was only a matter of time before she would be washed out of the Solarian forces.

So which woman do you think should be leading the people of the world? The one that was tortured for her entire childhood but rose to become a pillar of her community, or the pampered brat that always finds times to go on murderous trips? The choice of better role model is obvious.

Even Worse Streams presents Xenogears
Night 4

Original Stream Night: January 26, 2021
Night of the Beast Wars

Random Stream Notes

  • Kishi joins us for a bit at the start of this stream to discuss the disastrous Wizards and Warriors 3 stream.
  • The consequences of cheating are obvious as everyone is available on the equip screen. Remember this later when I have to reboot…
  • I also talk about my original, stupid plan for this Let’s Play. It’s… an original mashup.
  • Chu-Chu is Chu-Chu.
  • Welcome to Nissan! Let’s talk about the Popemobile, and, eventually, nuns that %&*@.
  • There is discussion about the different “episodes” of Xenogears and how they could have all been different genres. The world was never prepared for Xenogears Episode 3: Snatcher.
  • I firmly believe this is a world where they invented the Gear but not the vacuum.
  • Fun fact: we all forgot Maria existed despite being in Xenosaga.
  • Talking about Versus Guides versus Brady Guides and how they would sometimes be horny for cowgirls in Ocarina of Time.
  • An hour in, and all we’re doing is talking about Ramsus, Elements, and (select portions of) Citan’s past.
  • NOHaving a table is the lynchpin of Bart’s complicated plan to recapture his home.
  • I am familiar with the tale of Zog and Rapheal, which leads to more discussion of Ninja Turtles.
  • And the game freezes when trying to load my poor, cheated save file. And, yes, you can find the “origin” save file I used on Gamefaqs.
  • BEAT momentarily attempts to figure out how chu-language works. This way lies madness.
  • Xenogears has all sorts of weird nudity for -the power-.
  • Finally! A dungeon! With fights! 1:36 in!
  • And we wind up with a complete history of how the Dreamcast and GD-ROMs work
  • Equipping the Gear leads to another soft reset… But we’re making progress!
  • As Fei fights Elly, we successfully predict the Sega CD Mini/Sega Genesis Mini 2! Kinda! We got some of the games right…
  • Everything needs more Make My Video.
  • Plots where parallel adventures progress are common. And remember Final Fantasy 6? That was better at it.
  • This is surprisingly stressfulBart is supposed to be rescued from death in a scene that is extremely “funny”.
  • Vanderkaum! That guy from Xenosaga! Kinda! Fanboymaster forgot about him…
  • And then a discussion of the Pheonix Wright games/Phoenix Wright Hair.
  • “Goku is absolutely stupid as shit.”
  • Vanderkaum gains -the power- as the solitary genders of the DBZ universe are discussed before getting to Clarence Beeftank and, eventually, Butterbean.
  • Caliscrub shows up towards the end as Id tears Ramsus a new one.
  • Oh, hey, this was when that whole Gamestop stock thing happened. Good times.
  • And we close opposite a hundred cutscenes about the state of the world while we discuss the evils of TurboTax.

Next time on Xenogears: Welcome to prison!

Handy attack right there

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