We cannot be friendsWe have descended through a cave of trials to discover…

Location: Octam

What’s the deal: Before everything got going, Octam was a spiritual mecca that relied on a trio of fortune tellers. They predicted the incoming Mist, and the entire town voted to hide deep underground to avoid the poisoned air. They sealed their town up tight, spread some treasures around in case anyone absolutely needed to visit, and pretty much retreated from the world.

What’s the plan: Hide downstairs, and hope the psychic babies warn everybody if there is some other incoming issue. Oh? Did I forget to mention the babies part? Yes, Octam’s three psychics are Hari, the precognitive infants. They cannot even crawl, but apparently they dictate the will of an entire city.

How did it work out: Things were pretty chill for a while, but, despite all their precautions, Octam still had its share of issues. Ostensibly a Seru-Minotaur was hanging out even lower in the underground, and he was punching support pillars to gradually destroy Underground Octam. The babies made no mention of this issue to local authorities, and they even straight up died from this assault. Technically, they predicted this would urge the heroes to eventually defeat the minotaur and save the city, but…

Like psychic babiesHow could it have gone wrong: Things ultimately worked out for Octam with the babies’ help, but the minotaur monster had a final attack of freezing Legaia’s core, thus damning Vidna, another town that relied on geothermal energy to keep the Mist out. Would have been nice if Hari predicted that! So relying on these kids may have helped Octam, but it did no favors for their neighbors.

Final Grade: A for self-preservation, but F for playing poorly with others. Evidently psychic babies are selfish.

Even Worse Streams Presents Legend of Legaia
Night 4

March 21, 2023

Random Notes:

  • Jeanie, BEAT, fanboymaster, and Caliscrub are here to talk about episodic episodes on old media (television) and “trailer line” zingers.
  • What’s your favorite RPG excuse for not letting you pass? Route’s closed due to headaches is the clear winner.
  • “I don’t trust floating babies.”
  • Fanboymaster remembers the disc being just a render of the characters. He is wrong!

    Don’t disagree with the guy actually playing this game off a disc.
  • I make reference to “a translation team” thanks to the WarMan enemy, and Jeannie properly corrects me that there is not likely a team. But Caliscrub looks it up, and confirms the monster should be WarMan as a reference to the Portuguese Man o’ War. Neat!
  • After defeating the iconic minotaur, we talk about the history of “bouncy” in videogames. Remember how horny Soul Edge has always been?
  • Ample Vigour claims I break into a new apartment every night to stream while menacing a different family every week. Oh, to be that cool…
  • And Caliscrub drops out because his power drops out. Whoops! Oh, also the Earth’s core is frozen. In the game. That does not impact Caliscrub.
  • Super Sonic comes from der Wille zur Macht.”
  • It's nice down hereThe resort town has been overrun with monsters thanks to the windmills stopping! So let’s talk about failed Disney branches that used to produce videogames and movies.
  • “Disney has turned into the wire mother from those monkey experiments.”
  • And, as we venture across the countryside, we naturally talk about the Gizmondo Launch Party.
  • “How does Sticky Balls come up this often on the stream? We don’t mention Mega Man that often!”
  • “Mama can I mow the lawn? I thought you guys were my friends.”
  • Rare has nothing but total nihilism for their characters is a truth we drop as we reach Ratayu deep in the Mist.
  • We find the malicious king while we also learn that Dawn of the Dead (2004) was directed by Zack Snyder with a screenplay by James Gunn. What the heck?
  • Hey, remember The Gifted? Where they accidentally made the main characters descendants of nazis?
  • As we venture through Mt. Letona to find the Genesis Tree, I espouse the “interesting” plotting and moral relativism of FX’s Legion.
  • And this was apparently the night Tax Waifu was released upon the world. Remember that… two weeks?
  • And we return to town to set up the plot for the next Legend of Legaia vignette about sacrificial brides.

Next time on Legend of Legaia: Fighting for young ladies and old men.

Moving right along
Comin’ atcha.

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