THE SIXTHStreet Fighter 6 has several luminaries in its cast. Luke is a local teacher that aids neophytes in joining the world of street fighting. Chun-Li is similarly an omnipresent sensei and “big sister”. Kimberly and Lily are both teenage heroines that battle for the side of good (for different reasons) against a seemingly omnipresent evil. Even traditionally “plot irrelevant” characters like Ken Masters have arcs to fight back against JP, the antagonist of this entry. There is a wealth of choices for the main protagonist of Street Fighter 6.

But only one street fighter can say that she…

  • Trained with an entire game’s worth of fighters.
  • Fought nearly every breathing adult in Metro City.
  • Accidentally joined at least one Metro City gang.
  • Recruited an entire team of fighters from said gang.
  • Then beat up leaders and members of every other gang.
  • Acquired a “rival” almost instantly upon first contact.
  • Saved said rival from almost certain inconvenience thanks to purse snatching.
  • Watched helplessly as said rival was dragged away by noted pajama bandit, Juri.
  • Worked closely with Li-Fen, the expert hacker that starred(ish) in Street Fighter 5.
  • Became a construction worker, scientist, and food deliverer in pursuit of nebulous goals.
  • Defeated the Fighter Hunter.
  • Last time for this matchupDefeated the powerhouse Rewancha.
  • Defeated some guy dressed as an appetizer.
  • Defeated living science experiments that were likely Secret Society escapees.
  • Defeated the Vagrant Fridge.
  • Won a fighting tournament in Metro City.
  • Won a fighting tournament in Nayshall.
  • Almost won a second fighting tournament in Nayshall (but her opponent was totally cheating)
  • Saved small children from a failed assassination attempt on main villain, JP. That probably made international news or something.
  • And then defeated JP in single combat.

So it is clear there is only one protagonist:


Beef Not Afraid. The only true heroine of Street Fighter 6.

Even Worse Streams Presents Street Fighter 6
Night 7

July 18, 2023

Random Notes

  • Welcome to the finale of World Tour Mode with Jeanie, BEAT, fanboymaster, and me. Now let’s talk about an imaginary scenario where the Smash Bros must be Business Bros!
  • As we progress through the tournament (which you saw a little bit of last week), fanboymaster talks about the foibles of Final Fantasy Adventure.
  • “Smoke crack and masturbate” is not an appropriate wedding song. Just so we’re clear.
  • Bosch exploded, so we fight JP, and save the world. Yay! Roll credits! That feature Beef not Afraid!
  • Okay! Time for the post game! We are not erasing Beef Not Afraid for a New Game Plus under any circumstances.
  • We can do thisBreath of Fire! NFTs! Bunyan!
  • “Often times, media just needs a stupid dipshit to keep things moving.”
  • AJVark joins and I am reminded that this is the same night we played Short Change Hero.
  • Beef not Afraid must lose to Sheng Long to stand a chance.
  • Is Keiko the sumo wrestler anything? All these guest fighters that are super high level are kicking my ass…
  • And the Ballad of Beef Not Afraid closes for 2023 with a game of basketball parrying opposite a discussion of Mega Man comics. It’s Capcom all the way down!

Next time on Even Worse Streams: Street Fighter 6 is over, so let’s review a few random streams.

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