In the grand tradition of Even Worse Streams Potpourri and random streams that do not automatically associate with articles, here are some more chance streams from the gang!

Let’s Play (some) Calico
December 15, 2020

Shortly after conquering World of Final Fantasy, we had a few weeks with no real plan on what to stream. Calico released during this time, so we tried running a cat café in some magical mountains. We are eventually thwarted by a random glitch (this is what happens when you play a game as it launches on a system), but we all had a fun time. Featuring fanboymaster, BEAT, and the sensational character find of 2020, Pudgems.

Let’s Play I Wanna Be The Guy Remastered
December 22, 2020

A week after playing with kitties, I tackled the freshly released I Wanna Be The Guy Remastered. I admit I am playing on Easy Mode, and I only make it through one “route” with Mike Tyson, Mecha Birdo, and Dracula. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Kayin, the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy, appears for a decent chunk of the stream to talk about their most prominent creation. And BEAT and fanboymaster are here, too! Merry Christmas, everybody (?) !

Let’s Play Random Digimon Games
December 14, 2021

While we were playing the Mega Man Legends franchise for a couple of months, frequent chat commentator Mags repeatedly asked “where the Digimon at”. So we had to play some Digimon games! We started with Digimon World for the Playstation (1), but moved on to the PS3’s Digimon All-Star Rumble after agumon pooped all over the first game (not a euphemism). Jeanie, fanboymaster, and Caliscrub are all on the call. Stick around for Mags and Skreamin Red Skull to get into the silliest arguments in the chat.

Let’s Play Mega Man World 5 DX
December 27, 2022

Mega Man V has always been one of my favorite games, so we give it a go with the recently released Mega Man World 5 DX. It is Mega Man V with a fresh (and very carefully chosen) coat of paint. And it’s pretty great! This is the only game on this list that I complete in a night, so enjoy watching with fanboymaster, Jeanie, and Ample Vigour.

Let’s Play (a little) Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
September 19, 2023

BEAT shows off his latest obsession: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. The stylish pseudo sequel to Jet Set Radio is a great place to hang out and watch a dude get decapitated. Oh, speaking of spoilers, this stream features the beginning of BRC, and then a lot of the post-game. Don’t watch if you would like dancing frankensteins to be a surprise!

Let’s Play (a tad of) We ❤ Katamari
September 26, 2023

Long story short, a whole lot of streamers from across the country couldn’t get their act together to continue our exploration of the Metroid franchise, so we took a week off to roll some balls. We barely pay any attention to the game du jour as the likes of BEAT, fanboymaster, Caliscrub, Ample Vigour, AJVark, and (premiering on our streams) Cassandralyn all intermittently comment on practically anything but a Prince saving the cosmos. That little guy is trying so hard…

And that’s that for this round. Next week, is going to start to tackle Legend of Legaia in its entirety. Please look forward to it!

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