Fustian Gaming Challenge

Q. Well what’s all this then?
A. The Fustian Gaming Challenge is all about playing a randomly chosen video game, and then writing about it in some way. Simple as that.

Q. Randomly chosen?Random Rob
A. I own a number of video games across a number of video game systems. Because I am a turbo-nerd, I have all of these games organized in a database. Random ROB here chooses a game at random from said database, and that, as we say, is that.

Q. How often does the challenge occur?
A. Currently, the FGC is “complete“. The FGC has been superseded by the Smash Bros. Challenge. However, FGC articles may still appear as I fail to shoehorn a game into the Smash Bros. format. So the show will accidentally, sporadically go on.

Q. Do you play each game to completion?
A. Oh my no. At minimum, I play each game for an hour. Depending on the fun involved, this number can dramatically increase, but there’s no way I would be able to play through most any game released after 1995 so often. There are only so many hours in a day…

Q. So you’re reviewing these games?
A. Nah. I’m sure some articles will present themselves like reviews, but I’m not limiting how I write about a given game. Be prepared for completely meandering anecdotes tangentially related to the game at hand, or perhaps a haiku or two. Maybe we’ll go with a coloring book? I don’t know, whatever strikes my fancy.

Q. Spoilers?
A. Assume that if I am covering a game, I am going to spoil the game and every game ever related to it. Fast and loose here. If a game is particularly recent or “story based” (ie known for its twists), I will likely throw up an additional warning.

Q. Where did all these pictures come from?
A. Unless otherwise noted, all images are captured by yours truly, often at the time I was playing the game for the article you’re reading. It’s like you’re playing that game with me! Yay!

Q. Is there an index of FGC articles?
A. You can either check the formal Post Index for the site, or just scope out the list below.