Figured we’d do something a little special and marginally related to the featured game for #200. Enjoy!

FGC #200 Wayne’s World

  • System: Super Nintendo, technically, is the version I own and know. We’ve also got a similar Sega Genesis game, a completely different NES game, and a Gameboy version that is based on the NES edition.
  • Number of players: Garth has been kidnapped by a giant purple claw! Only Wayne can save the day.
  • NOT!Maybe actually talk about the game for a second: This game is horrible. It’s a lesser B.O.B. (by the same designers), and seems to be only marginally related to the source material. Remember the part of the movie when Wayne gets shrunk down and fights sentient coffee cups with his magical guitar? NOT!
  • So, did you beat it? I consider finishing the first stage of this dreck to be an accomplishment on par with curing polio, so, no, I did not finish the entire game.
  • Favorite Boss: The final boss is the actual gelatinous cube, so… that’s at least related to the movie. However, the second-to-last boss is Elvis. And you strip the flesh from his skull thanks to rad guitar licks. That’s something you remember.
  • Powerup: An “11” powerup turns your guitar up to eleven, and increases its power and size. That’s kinda cool. Less cool, however, is that you can’t avoid some powerups, so when you want to hang on to that homing attack, good luck avoiding the wave modifier that is about as useful as chopping off your own thumbs.
  • Gonna talk about that video at all? Nah.
  • Rock out!Did you know? Alright, fine. The original plan was to only use clips from the last 200 FGC games, but that rapidly descended into anarchy around the guitar solo. At the very least, I think I’ve at least mentioned every game featured in the video. And, for the record, I tried to wedge Portal somewhere in there, but just couldn’t find a place where it would be appropriate.
  • Did you also know? For the record, this site wouldn’t exist without the support of everyone reading this and everyone commenting here and on Twitter and Facebook. I am terrible about replying! I know that! But I love everyone’s input all the same, so thank you to all of you. We’ll see if we can squeeze another 200 out of this thing.
  • Would I play again? What part of “Worse than B.O.B.” didn’t you understand?

What’s next? That’s too many videogames, man. I’m taking a week off from the FGC to talk about other nonsense, and normal coverage will resume with Mega Man Zero 4. In the meanwhile, check back Monday to get my opinion on Satan. Or maybe politics. One of those. Please look forward to it!

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