Goggle Bob Lightning Round! Here’s some nonsense I’ve created over the years that is randomly kicking around:

Like here’s an obvious improvement on a classic.

This was my reaction to the initial “leak” of Duck Hunt appearing in Smash Bros. Hooray for the power of belief!

I apologize for this

When someone suggests a Legend of Zelda series in the vein of Game of Thrones, this is what happens.

M. Bison is not impressed by the new Xbox.

Howard the Duck should be a unit of measurement.

Merry Early Christmas, everybody!

Here’s yours truly with famous dude Brian O’Hallo. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

And here’s an explanation of what I’m wearing with Peter David.

I trust no explanation is necessary here.

Here’s a fine reason for the end of everything. It should clearly be “His Krillin”.

I wish this weren’t so close to reality. (Click for full image)

Mega Man and his loyal dog, Rush.

A brief glimpse into the world of Western Anime.

Let me tell you about my cats.

And we’ll close with me sipping from the skull of Venom.

That’s it, folks, come back next week when the FGC resumes!

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