(Told you it would be a little different)

FGC #38 Mega Man Legacy Collection

  • System: PS4, XboxOne, 3DS eventually
  • Number of Players: One man… nay… one Mega Man
  • Gonna be a video blog now? God, no.
  • Favorite Robot Master: Shadow Man is a ninja!
  • Any complaints about the collection? Oh, gee, thanks, database, half the cast of Mega Man 5 is weak to Beat. Well, duh, Beat is the Death Bringer in that game.
  • Head Canon for Beat being amazing: See, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are just clowning on each other, trying to see who is best with giant robot fights. Even though the world is in peril, it’s all a game to the two of them. Then Wily kidnaps Cossack’s daughter for some robot ideas, and Coassack never gets let in on the joke, because, ya know, his daughter is in mortal danger. So when Dr. Wily kidnaps Light in Mega Man 5, probably just to play poker or something, Cossack supports Mega Man, and manufactures The Death Bird to end Wily once and for all. Mega Man, of course, wins, but Light takes one look at Beat’s performance, and determines that he’s way too over-powered, so he handicaps the poor creature. Oh, also, Mega Man got his Mega Buster because Light really thought he was fighting this new Cossack guy in 4, and has been too embarrassed to remove it since. Well, until Mega Man 9.
  • Going to complete all those challenges? Man, I barely like playing through one robot master per game with the plain buster, left alone all of them. No thank you.
  • Did you know? Wily Machine 2nd form is weak to the Drill Bomb, but you have to detonate it juuuuuuust right. This is another reason nobody likes Mega Man 4.
  • Would I play again? Somehow I’m playing the game right now.

What’s Next? Random ROB has chosen… Yoshi’s Story! And we’re back to normal with that one, I’m not even certain that dinosaur is worthy of GIFs left alone rhyming. I mean… Please look forward to it!

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