Songi!Who is next on the hitlist in Legend of Legaia? This week we are fighting at…

Location: Biron Monastery

What’s the deal: The monks of Biron Monastery have religiously shunned the Seru as long as their order has existed, so the Mist did not particularly impact them at all. They have a fan system going that keeps the bad air out, they are 100% isolated in their little monk-cave, and no one is trying to eat anybody else. It is a peaceful life.

What’s the plan: Keep teaching the lessons of Biron to the next generation, and hope somebody comes along to fix things with those nearby trees. Also, maybe look into the fact that this is an order exclusively consisting of men, and there is exactly one (1) visiting woman. This seems like something that could impact that whole “generations” thing.

How did it work out: Everything was great until one jerk decided he wanted the power of Seru, so he completely destroyed the entire monastery in the mad pursuit of power. While the monastery is eventually saved, Songi the Betrayer escapes, so he is the whole world’s problem now.

How could it have gone wrong: Any time you have a religion that has strict commandments, you produce people that cannot live up to the rules, and then bad things happen. In this case, Songi’s duplicity nearly damns everyone in the immediate area, and this all could have been avoided if someone just told him he was stronger than his buddy. Oh, and speaking of Hate this guybuddies, Gala is a monk of good standing until he must adopt a Ra-Seru to save the world… and then he gets excommunicated for that compulsory blunder. So even after seeing the failures of an ironclad dogma, the leadership of Biron learns nothing.

Final Grade: Songi is out there with his super Seru, and continues to menace the entire planet for the remainder of the adventure. He even (eventually) directly threatens a nearby town with monster powers! Considering most of the communities of Legend of Legaia only impact their own surrounding environs, Biron Monastery really gets the L for paving the road to Hell with good intentions.

Even Worse Streams Presents Legend of Legaia
Night 2

March 7, 2023

Random Notes:

  • Welcome back as fanboymaster, BEAT, Jeanie, and yours truly judge Playstation 1 intros while watching a Playstation 1 intro.
  • And please enjoy us attempting to “sing” Final Fantasy 10’s Otherworld.
  • A discussion of racism and the term “JRPG” leads to the obvious statement, “You don’t come to Even Worse Streams for niceness!”
  • So classyAmple Vigour stops by to remind us we are haunted by the ghosts of futures that never were.
  • So we have cleared out Drake Castle, and that means we need to talk about fighting “shitty goblins.”
  • Fanboymaster suggests playing Disaster Report on stream, which is convenient as Pooch once suggested that, and she’s in the chat.
  • Biron Ministry is an excellent place to discuss Steambot Chronicles and meet Master Teacher.
  • As we enter West Voz Forest, we examine the many ways to transcribe the warbling of a chocobo.
  • A look at (at the time) upcoming GBA virtual console releases leads to a debate about Fire Emblem games while Master Teacher Gala finds a dead tree.
  • “You’re getting menaced by the ghost of Snow White? What the fuck, man?”
  • Idris Elba will do whatever it takes to keep the lights on.
  • “You should have a weed stone, not a weed hammer.”
  • “Red Man will do literally anything for 20 bucks,” is noted as Gala gets his Ra-Seru.
  • We head to the Mist Generator as BEAT talks about a college professor that loved studying TV sitcoms.
  • Would you recognize Ozzy Osborne if he was serving you a big mac?
  • ZOMBIE!Can you imagine a world where South Park was cancelled after one season? Or Family Guy? Why do we live in a world where that (basically) happened to The Critic?
  • Glass Onion is mentioned as we fight “the rotating onion and Darth Vader”.
  • We have completed a third of the game! “That’s nice.” Darth Icky approves.
  • And we close with a recounting of how a dear friend from college very much wanted to utilize time travel to smother Jar Jar Binks in the crib.

Next time on Legend of Legaia: How does your garden grow?

Weee plants
420 lol

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