Kingdom Hearts Explained

Q. Why? Just… why?
A. Back in November of 2014, deep in the bowels of an ancient forum, a skeleman made a simple request, “Please tell me who Anslem is.” I wrote a 1,500 or so word response, because I was… well… bored. Approximately a month later, the question of, “What is Kingdom Hearts?” was posed, and I answered that as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy my essays, so that continued happening.

You look like you have something to sayQ. So everything in the KH FAQ is just recycled content from another website?
A. Well, technically, yes, but all posts here are “remastered” and include pictures and theoretically less typos. Content HD Remix. #13 and anything afterwards is entirely new, at least.

Q. Any spoilers?
A. Wall-to-wall spoilers. Spoilers all day long. Can’t emphasize this enough, if you care about the plot of any given Kingdom Hearts game being spoiled, do not read these posts.

Q. I COME FROM THE FUTURE, when was all this written?
A. The important thing, Kingdom Hearts-wise, is that everything up through #13 was written after the release of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and the HD remakes, but before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 & 2.8. #13.8 was, appropriately enough, written after the release of 2.8. Numbers higher than that are post-Kingdom Hearts 3. Everything is dated! If, gentle future reader, you know that it turns out that Riku is Xehanort’s grandson or Eraquis was secretly Clarabelle Cow all along, that’s great, but I did not have access to that information at the time of publication.

Q. Will you be writing any more KH FAQ Posts?
A. As the mood strikes me, yes, but for now, I’m done, as I feel like I’ve said everything I want to say. But if you’ve got a question…

Kingdom Hearts Explained Index

· 01: Ansem

· 02: Kingdom Hearts

· 03: Potpourri

· 04: Sora

· 05: Riku & 3D

· 06: Mickey Mouse

· 07: Donald and Goofy

· 08: Square

· 09: Organization XIII

· 10: Cowardly Level Design

· 11: The Women

· 12: Titles

· 13.1: It All Goes Wrong

· 13.8

· 13.9: Live! On Ice!

· 14: Kingdom Hearts 3

· 15: Re Mind and DLC

· 16: A Song for Kingdom Hearts


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