Wild Arms 3: Make a Memory

Let's Go!What’s going on here?

This is a Let’s Play of Wild Arms 3. This is not a franchise-spanning Let’s Play like some LPs, just Wild Arms 3. If you do want to see Wild Arms 2, though, that is available.

So will you be addressing the other Wild Arms games?

Probably vaguely often. Wild Arms 3 is very much a product of combining what worked (or maybe never worked) in Wild Arms (1) and Wild Arms 2, so that will likely be addressed as it (frequently) comes up. You do not need to have played Wild Arms or Wild Arms 2 to understand Wild Arms 3, but I will be referencing and potentially spoiling the earlier games. For instance, a significant villain from Wild Arms appears in a prominent fashion in Wild Arms 3, so it is going to be difficult to explain his presence without “spoiling” Wild Arms. Wild Arms games past Wild Arms 3, though, likely will only be obliquely referenced.

So what’s the spoiler policy here?

As previously mentioned, spoilers for Wild Arms and Wild Arms 2 are incredibly likely. I will also probably spoil Final Fantasy 10, a game wherein Yuna has to shoot her own dog, and other JRPGS contemporary to Wild Arms 3. I will also inevitably make references to Kingdom Hearts, the Xenofranchise, and maybe Smash Bros, because those are wells I drink from daily.

Should I read this LP if I’ve never played Wild Arms 3 before?

I am probably going to winkingly spoil Wild Arms 3 in the foreshadowing manner to which we are all accustomed (“probably” nothing: it happens in the very first update!). If you’re in this Let’s Play for a cohesive, linear narrative, I apologize. Other than that, I will do my best to write this from the perspective that you are both a novice and a pro, and I may go on tangents that assume you were literally born yesterday, and are completely unfamiliar with the concept of 2002 AD.

What will be the focus of this Let’s Play?

I like Wild Arms 3. It is also a stupidly long game, so I figured the only way to do it justice in “reporting” form is not a thousand-word essay, but a thousand page Let’s Play. And why bother? Because I believe that Wild Arms 3 is a beautiful unicorn made at exactly the right time to be the pinnacle of what is the evolutionary dead end that is the SNES/Playstation 1 JRPG. What am I talking about? Well, read the Let’s Play to find out!

So you’re not focusing on the story?

Oh, don’t worry, we will be dissecting the story in vivid detail. The narrative is heavily tied to the presentation, so it is getting a spotlight. However, the focus will not be on the details/strategies of the battle system, as, like a lot of JRPGs of the era, about 90% of the battles are more filler than killer. We’re not skipping it entirely, but New Game+ is going to neuter a number of boss fights

Cheating? Again?

Wild Arms 3 has a New Game+ feature that allows you to start a new playthrough with the levels and cash of your previous clear. Considering my past-self left me a save file with (nearly) Level 100 characters and an assload of gella, I am going to honor my previous contributions and play the game with a massive advantage.

Picture or Video LP?

I’m gonna copy and paste this from the last LP: Picture, for two reasons. One, I personally find it difficult to “follow” video LPs, if only because if I’m in a situation where I can sit down and “watch” something, I’m probably watching a scripted show, and not someone else play a video game. This isn’t to disparage video LPs, incidentally, it’s just how my own viewing habits work, which naturally influences what I myself produce.

Are these pictures small?

Pictures have been optimized for a size/eyeball ratio that is accounting for how this Let’s Play will include literally thousands of pictures. I have run this by exactly two (2) people, and they think it looks nice, and the file sizes aren’t too large. I love myself some GIFs (R.I.P., sweet Stephen Wilhite), so please be aware if you are accessing this Let’s Play on a limited internet connection.

Hey, you missed (fill in the blank)! What gives?

This isn’t a walk through, and I’m not going to hit every single sidequest, because I want this thing to end before the heat death of the universe. I’m also not, if I can help it, using a FAQ, so it’s pretty inevitable that I’m going to miss some stuff. All that said, the comments are open for the whole LP, and I do tend to read and reply to them. I am not going to chide anyone for suggesting stuff. Or, if it sounds like I am rebuking you, I assure you, I am only doing it because I generally sound like an authoritative jerk. Please understand.

This is a classic JRPG with a lot of name options, may we, the audience, choose the names of characters?

No! This is a no fun zone! Errmm… I mean… In the interest of fully analyzing the plot, we’ll be sticking to the default names for most of the characters. … I just really don’t want to write a thousand-page essay on the motivations of PANTS! Maxwell.

When does this LP Update?

This Let’s Play is complete, so it will never update again. It is a happy memory.

Anything else?

Special thanks to this Wild Arms 3 script that has saved me quite a bit of time.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4