There have been a few random streams that did not fit into any particular spot on the site. Oh no! In the interest of wasting all of your time, here are a few uncategorized streams.

Let’s Play Short Change Hero
July 18, 2023

BEAT inspired a fan to create a game based on BEAT’s tweets. We play it. It’s good!

Let’s Play Castlevania 2 Chronicles
January 24, 2023

A fangame “remake” of Castlevania 2 was produced, and I had to give it a try. Spoilers: this may be based on one of my favorite games, but I am not any good at it.

Let’s Play (a little bit of) Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
December 13, 2022

I was excited to play a remake of a PSP game, so we got some Crisis Core going. Be amazed at my missile slicing skills.

Let’s Play Some Random Switch Games
May 9, 2023

Sometimes you don’t have a plan, and you just see what is available on your overloaded Nintendo Switch. Panic Porcupine is the start, but we do have some fun with Supermarket Shriek.

Let’s Play Random Genesis Mini 2 Games
November 1, 2022

And here was our inaugural run of the Sega Genesis Mini 2. That one has some weird games on it!

And that’s it for this week! Come back next time as starts posting our trek through the Brave Fencer Musashi franchise!

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