Big bad plantAfter venturing through a cave of old wizards, our intrepid heroes find…

Location: Jeremi

What’s the deal: Jeremi is, like most towns on the west coast of Legaia, something of a tourist destination. Vidna to the north has a beach, and Jeremi has some gorgeous gardens on top of a tower. While the cliffs and crags of Jeremi are otherwise foreboding, there are always people that would prefer to hang out with plants over the surf and sand.

What’s the plan: Jeremi apparently had no plan. Despite the fact that literally every other community on this planet apparently saw the terrible Mist coming, Jeremi ostensibly did nothing to stop or mitigate the encroaching madness. As a result, people were infected sporadically (as opposed to simultaneously, like back at Drake), and have been Seru Monsters for as long as the Mist has been in this area.

How did it work out: Terribly. The Genesis Tree was eventually restored, but the carnage that ensued meant that families were ripped apart. Like, literally. At least one person transformed into a monster separately from his brood, and ripped them apart. It is a wonder the oceans of blood had dried by the time our party arrived on the scene.

How could it have gone wrong: It is hard to fathom how any part of this could have gone right.

I hate it hereFinal Grade: Hold on to your hats for this shocking revelation: Doing nothing and hoping for the best does not work. Whether Jeremi saw it coming or not (and there is evidence some people wisely got out of Dodge), they ultimately did not do a damn thing to ease this disaster, and thus did a disaster occur. While some other towns took questionable routes to safety, it is unquestionable that Jeremi did the wrong thing. If you know something dangerous is coming, doing nothing is the worst choice.

Even Worse Streams Presents Legend of Legaia
Night 3

March 14, 2023

Random Notes:

  • We’re back! And fanboymaster, Jeanie, and BEAT are talking about pornography!
  • I wander around the overworld looking for somewhere to go next while BEAT lists off the internet-provided best RPGs of the Playstation 1. Brave Fencer Musashi and Alundra are both registered for some reason.
  • I finally find the cave forward as BEAT gets to the end of the list of random PSX RPGs. And then we talk about the time Warren Buffet gave himself a cartoon.
  • I know that guyWelcome to Jeremi! Let’s talk about that time The Simpsons mocked the death of Haing S. Ngor by accident.
  • Even Worse Streams Fact: thanks to continual references, this appears to be the first night we became obsessed with burritos.
  • When I was in college, I ate apples in the shower. I regret nothing.
  • Caliscrub arrives as we revive the Genesis Tree. And Ample Vigour! Oh! And there’s a bot in the chat! Such exciting times!
  • This was right around when Scott Adams launched Nu-Dilbert (which is exactly the same as old Dilbert).
  • Pooch laments the loss of Keenspace, and we all miss the possibility of a glorious future where webcomics are plentiful.
  • BEAT is drinking whiskey tonight, and, as we hit Vidna, he may or may not be donning a fedora.
  • Disney produces content that is “human dog food.” You open the can, you get excited by the sound, eat it, and then it’s over.
  • As Ample Vigour notes, Spider-Man being “evil” should exclusively be him asking Luke Cage if he is allowed to use the n-word while rapping.
  • This naturally leads to a discussion of Lois Lane comics and the creativity of comic writers that are fueled exclusively by alcohol.
  • Ninja!After attempting to enter an underground city, I mention General Protection Fault, the webcomic that transformed from “basically Dilbert” to “battles against evil clones across time and space”.
  • “I have the most incredible news: is up and running!”
  • “Once you’ve created Goku and Vegeta, you can just coast forever.”
  • The Fighting Delilas appear as we start discussing the bonkers origins of Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • And we close out the night by trudging through a cave to the molemen while discussing Stan Lee and attempts at creating new video discs (unrelated).

Next time on Legend of Legaia: You have to see the babies!

Laying some groundwork for later
Did this plot really need a Fujiko Mine?

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