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Wild Arms 3 Part 69: The Loves of Clive

4 – 1 = (3 + 1) / 2

Hope you’re hungry, because today is September 18, Stomach Day. Yesterday, I ate so much that I turned into a barrel. That loud rumble coming from my stomach is a warning from Mr. Stomach to handle him with care.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Clive had a momentary lapse in judgement and let the rest of the party start the next dungeon without him. They were captured immediately, so Clive independently got over his love of the internet and rushed to rescue them.


But I’m sure they’ll be fine.


“Might need your knockin’ hand later.”


Do we count Lombardia? Who could probably blow up this whole stupid dungeon from space?


The end… when we run out of oxygen?


You do not have to make the trek back to Demondor Pillar-Rear with just Clive; Lombardia drops him off right at the entrance. This is significant, as why couldn’t she do that for the rest of the team?


They’re not.


So same dungeon, but now you are a solo party of Clive…

Wild Arms 3 Part 68: All Tied Up with Ribbon

Don’t forget! Today is September 11, Backwards Day. .yadot sdrawkcab gnihtyreve daeR ?ttub eht ni niap a ti t’nsI

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Beatrice the Dream Demon created a monster-spewing tower, and we destroyed it with the help of a vaguely suicidal Asgard and Jet overcoming his tragic origin PTSD. Beatrice did make mention of a backup tower, though…


So no sooner do we leave the old tower…


Than another earthquake occurs!


“The old one, or the new one?”
“Probably new!”


Reminder: Beatrice is using something like “Guardian tech” to create these pillars, so Gallows knows what to look for. … Sense for?


“All my stuff is there!”


Quickly! To Clive’s adorable daughter!


Good news! I don’t see any monster pillars distinctly in town…


But may as well do a survey…

Wild Arms 3 Part 67: The Hope of Jet

Robro Code

It might be Labor Day some place, but here it is September 4, Mannequin Day. Pull out your mannequins and dress them up. They deserve to wear some clothes.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Gallows saved the world through hugging. I’m as surprised as anybody. However, the real threat was revealed as a “Dream Demon” named Beatrice. She isn’t supposed to be able to impact the real world, but this is a videogame, so she manifested a dungeon somewhere out in the wilderness. Let’s go there!


After we talk to some of the Baskar locals!


Beatrice cannot impact the real world (like the Guardians!), but she is apparently using something like an ark scepter to get this plot going.


Videogame power scaling is in full effect.


Alright, let’s be on our way.


If you can see in the top left, the Secret Garden is just north of this spot. We technically could have walked over here.


But why walk when you have a dragon?


Welcome to Demondor Pillar…

Wild Arms 3 Part 66: The Desire of Gallows

A Bea in Your Bonnet

Don’t you know me, Kansas City? I’m the next chapter of the Let’s Play! Right here on August 28, Spring Day. A scientist created an android boy powered by springs. He sprang to life. Get it? Sprang…

Previously on Wild Arms 3: It looked like everything was going to be good forever, but then Shane got it in his head that he wanted to “help”. Now we have to fight through a whole dungeon to make sure he doesn’t sacrifice himself to the planet or some silly/genocidal thing.


So we just slayed the (a?) hydra, which was the guardian beast of the Guardians. Guess it will be clear sailing from here?


Still more dungeon to go, though.


Tingle senses tingling.


Never gonna give you up, bombs.


This treasure room includes at least one Imitator.


We are well past the point of caring about these boxboys…