Getting highLook, I would love to write some big denoument for the Metroid franchise after playing 20 weeks of Metroidvania games. But I am of the opinion that Samus Aran will be around long after we are all dead, and the truest Metroidvania is never ending. So, in lieu of a proper finale for this little project, I am going to provide the Even Worse Playlist that BEAT set down during our third Metroid Dread steam. Have fun!

Reel Big Fish
Another F.U. Song

The Offspring
Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickins Does The Right Thing

The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
So Let’s Go Nowhere

Bomb The Music Industry!
This Year For President’s Day I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll
The Last Party (Foul)

WeeeeAndrew Jackson Jihad
People II: The Reckoning
White Face Black Eyes


Bob Marley and the Wailers
Buffalo Soldier

Fuck You

The Toasters
Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down

Enjoy the tunes! And suffer no x-parasites to live!

Even Worse Streams Presents Metroids
Metroid Dread
Night 19

February 6, 2024

Random Notes:

  • Cassandralyn, fanboymaster, BEAT, and I are starting with some self- assessments. We all get perfect scores!
  • Ample Vigour joins as we prepare to discuss Ecco the Marvel Character.
  • Echo leads to a discussion on American Sign Language in Barbie. … What an odd thing to be able to type…
  • Please enjoy an in-depth look at personal combat laws across the USA while Samus Aran tackles an icy chozo.
  • Moving slowlyObviously, this leads to an examination of recent Mortal Kombat movies.
  • Samus battles a giant not-worm, and BEAT explains Orlando Morning Radio Culture (with Bubba the Love Sponge).
  • Caliscrub joins as Samus gets good at Experiment No. Z-57 extermination.
  • Caithness joins after defeating that dang critter. We are now done with worms, and moving on to the biology of Stuart Little.
  • “How often are you killing hot ladies that you feel bad?”
  • These weirdos keep coming up with dumb nicknames for me as I hunt E.M.M.I.-06WB.
  • The playlist concept that inspired this article kicks in close to the finale, just before tackling E.M.M.I.-07PB.
  • And we wrap up at the front door of the final boss. Tune in for the thrilling conclusion… right now!

Metroid Dread
Night 20

February 13, 2024

Random Notes:

  • Here we are at the end! We are going to beat the final boss, and then collect items. And we have BEAT, fanboymaster, and Cassandralyn on this showdown.
  • I beat ‘em on the first try! I was not expecting that… So let’s talk about Metroidvanias and their connection to Velvet Underground.
  • And then we double back to see how we reached 100% while we discuss Valentine’s Day (and half price candy) plans.
  • Let’s talk about Tomb Raider, Lego Island, and The 7th Guest. We play a lot of videogames!
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild / Tears of the Kingdom timeline discussion! We are rattling off all the hits tonight!
  • Ample Vigour joins about 40% of the way into our Metroid Shopping Trip.
  • If you need fanboymaster’s review of Persona 3 Remake, we have it here.
  • Caliscrub joins as we discuss the Persona 3 Moon Tarot. He’s fat! The moon social link! Not Caliscrub!
  • Caithness also snuck in here somewhere! Maybe it was while we were talking about Trauma Center and Hotel Dusk.
  • Are you prepared for a conversation about Cutie Honey and Devil Man? And the end of the world?
  • Cannot believe I did this“Humanity is worse for calling all works of creativity ‘content’.”
  • Which will get rereleased first: Final Fantasy 13 or Xenoblade Chronicles X?
  • One missile tank left! Time for Dril tweets!
  • And we close with a final look at some 100% Metroid galleries. See you next mission!

Next time on Even Worse Streams: A pitstop before the next attraction.

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