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Wild Arms 3 Part 44: You Gotta Fly

We are here for Wild Arms 3 on March 6, Candle Day. I don’t think there’s much point making holidays for commodities… Things like candles you buy out of necessity anyway, so why waste making a special day for it? We only have 365 days a year, so I think we should use each one for something more meaningful.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We acquired two out of four god-gods, and opened up a brand new shipping route thanks to serpentcide. Now we will… Uh…


Oh! Right! We should go find that dragon!


A healthy number of NPCs across the world are currently chattering about Laxisland and it being some kind of dragon hub. This should lead our intrepid adventurers down the newly opened strait to find our newest (and kinda final) town.


Laxisland is only available by slaying Balal Quo Naga and accessing the inner sea. On a related note, Laxisland and its related dungeon are the only locations of interest that are available after opening the inner sea.


Land ahoy.


Freaky, semi-transparent tentacle monsters stalk the area. We are sequence breaking a tiny bit here: the game suggests visiting this area all over the place, but it is technically not required until after you complete another three plot dungeons. This means the local monsters may be outside of your level-based comfort range.


However, thanks to WA3’s VIT and encounter systems, individual monster battles are not too draining when you are “underleveled”. Would not want to face a boss with that kind of disparity, though.


Welcome to dragon country…

Wild Arms 3 Part 42: The Meaning of Life

If you’ve got to go wild, you’ve got to go Wild Arms on February 20, Weather Forecast Day. We cheer for the weather report man, for his bold act of making a memorial day for weather forecasts that are never correct!

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Shane took us to a local art installation, and taught us all about the history of war, elves, and environmentalism. There is one last mural to see, though…


And here we are… even though apparently the final room of this dungeon can contain random encounters.


The Baskars love their art, history, and cliches.


Really hit a creative wall there, eh?


“Ever hear of a metaphor, Virginia?”


“Also, this mural was Granny’s responsibility, and… it’s been a rough year.”


I love the idea of a dungeon filled with monsters and puzzles ending with a “only who can prevent forest fires” message.


Sorry, Gallows, wasn’t any room in our backpack behind the 99 heal berries for art supplies.


Jet notices something relevant.


Back to talk of the Guardian Lords…

Wild Arms 3 Part 41: The History of the World Part 1

Hope you’re all healthy and ready for February 13, Tobacco Day. I wanted to give my father homemade tobacco so I went into the mountains to pick tobacco leaves. But when I burned some leaves to check its scent, the smoke pattern from the fire was mistaken for a distress signal, and I was mistakenly rescued.

Previously on Wild Arms 3:
The gang detonated an Ark excavation site (on purpose this time!), but felt a weird energy immediately after their explosive escape. They assume this is demon-related (and they’re right!), so they decided to ask Granny for advice.



You’re not Granny! Shut your flower hole!


Here we go.


Poor old lady doesn’t beat her grandson nearly enough. It gets harder when you’re older.


“Something happened!”
“We have no idea.”


Our world is in peril? The Guardians can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet?


So there is a silly narrative trick here…


We get a wipe that sort of implies that Granny told the whole story that Siegfried told the Prophets over the last two updates. This way, the player and the playees are all on the same page with the history of the Demon War. However….


Virginia and friends may not have picked up on some of the finer details…

Wild Arms 3 Part 38 Interlude: Art Appreciation

Did you think we were taking a week off just because Janus died? Nope! Gotta post something on January 23, Odd Number Day. Even though half of all the numbers in this world are odd, why are odd numbers called ‘odd?’ Is it implicating that half of everything in this world is odd?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Chapter 2 complete!


And now that all the major players have made their appearances…

Back in the day, I always loved strategy guides. It wasn’t just about knowing what was happening/going to happen in a game, it was also about the fact that strategy guides (and their general gaming magazine cousins) were about the only place you could get “official” art of videogame characters outside of a manual. And this was huge when your protagonist was a 16 x 16 block of smeared pixels! Do you know how many different ways I tried to interpret Celes Chere back in 1994? There was Amano art of her with pants! Did her sprite have pants? Could I see them on my chiclet-sized television? A strategy guide might help!

Now, Wild Arms 3 was released in 2002, and that was well past the point that one needed a magnifying glass and guide to figure out what was going on. In fact, as has been noted before, Wild Arms 3 has some extremely detailed and expressive models. However, it never hurts to see what was “intended” by the art department, so let’s take a quick look at some official Wild Arms 3 art.

(Unlike the rest of the LP, click on any of the images in this post for a larger view)


As was the style of the time, our first decent introduction to our team is available in the manual. I appreciate that everyone looks happy, and even Jet seems to be having a good time. Also of note…

  • Jet’s age is listed as ????, which is never not a red flag for “mysterious past”
  • Gallows is 6’ 3” and 220 lbs. He might be the most jacked mage in all of JRPG history
  • Clive is 5’ 8”, and his gun is nearly as tall as he is
  • Virginia and Jet are the exact same height. There is something about that that I find adorable


And our villains get a page, too. While the Prophets are clearly implied to be evil, Janus seems to be described as almost heroic. Maybe aspirational? Regardless, he definitely comes off as the bad guy who eventually joins the heroes… But, as we all know now, that is not the fate for this JRPG Janus.

Maya is not mentioned in the manual at all, and that is a crime.


Anywho, that’s it for good stuff in the WA3 manual. Just going to also note that I am not convinced that there are actual screenshots in this manual, but some kind of simulated, labor-intensive art going on. Speaking as someone who has spent the last year taking “real” pictures of Wild Arms 3, these examples do not look actually possible…

Beyond the manual, there was a Wild Arms 3 strategy guide, but I never bought it, because Wild Arms 3 came out at exactly the point in time that I was a poor college student that had to decide between purchasing strategy guides or buffalo wings for the week… And there wasn’t a free website called buffalowingfaqs.com.


There was some free official art released on the Wild Arms website, though.


I have had this nonsense saved as part of my pictures screen saver for the last two decades.


I have always loved this piece…