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Wild Arms 3 Part 30: You Can Always Go Home Again (and Again)

Giddyap, partner, because today is November 21. The catch phrase of the day is, ‘Beating after death.’ The Ark of Destiny hands out free calendars every year, but it only lists their religious holidays. It makes me want to memorize all of them, so I don’t use them myself.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We learned of The Ark of Destiny’s history of dendrology, and that apparently happened right around where Virginia used to live.


So let’s check the ol’ homestead for clues.


Fun fact: there is in fact a hill in Boot Hill. Virginia’s family lives up on said hill. They are loaded.


As you may expect, every NPC in town has more personalized dialogue for Virginia.


The rest of the party just gets generic clues that will help them save the world.


Freaking love that Libera the ARMs-smith has to tell Virginia immediately that he couldn’t save the town from gobs back during her intro because he was visiting his girlfriend in Canada that day.


Huh! What a weird coincidence!


Can you only get to Boot Hill if you are on the verge of death? Apparently Roykman, our ever-faithful traveling merchant, was rescued in Boot Hill from a pack of dogs by some mysterious character that is Virginia’s Dad (oops spoilers).


“Today is November 21. The catch phrase of the day is, ‘Beating after death.’ The Ark of Destiny hands out free calendars every year, but it only lists their religious holidays. It makes me want to memorize all of them, so I don’t use them myself.”

I feel like I heard this somewhere before.


Let’s do some reading…

Wild Arms 3 Part 27: You’re an Errand Boy of the Gods

We are back for spooky times on October 31, Pumpkin Festival Day. We get to make jack-o’-lanterns today, but it’s hard to make a good one. Having such clever hands means I can use my nerves between my brain and hands efficiently. Based on this observation, I should be better… Why is it not working!?

Previously on Wild Arms: Virginia found her father! Then he left! It was a whole thing.


But we also picked up the Frozen Flame. So we’re going to go ahead and hand that over to Lynx.


“Kizim Fire. Right. Whatever. You’re not my dad!”




Lest you think this is some kind of storyline contrivance, you actually receive 2,000 usable Gella, and it comes in a fat sack. Unfortunately, there is not a giant dollar (gella?) sign on the bag.


Double score!


“What part of ‘object of unimaginable power that can fuel an entire spaceship’ did you not understand?”


“Our temple is located on a small island southwest of Jolly Roger. Please think of it as an allowance to cover travel expenses.”

Here’s a tip for if you ever decide to start your own cult…

Wild Arms 3 Part 21: Home is Where the Plot Is

Today is a brand new day, specifically September 19, Pot of Hell Day. Although this isn’t widely known, there is a gigantic cauldron in hell that boils sinners for eternity. The broth that seeps out of the rich and chubby sinners makes a good soup base.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia and company were defeated by Asgard the Golem, but then rescued by the power of love. Now we’re past all that, and, after a quick, secret visit from Virginia’s father, we’re going to Clive’s home.


Humphrey’s Peak is a long walk from Little Rock, but a quick jaunt from that laboratory dungeon.


Looks like a pretty place.


I just said that! Bah!





“You don’t make ‘buy a town’ money on shooting poisonous birds.”


“We just had the blue roof installed last month. It is somehow already out of warranty.”


Fun fact: This is not a super mountainous area. I have no idea what this is supposed to be the “peak” of.


Maybe we will discover answers under this bridge…

Wild Arms 3 Part 10: Save a Horse (Ride a Drifter)

This is being initially posted on Gogglebob.com on June 27, Giant Stag Beetle Day. General Bartholomew loved stag beetle so much, he made stag beetle armies and stag beetle poems. In return for his love, a giant stag beetle threw himself in front of a flying bullet to protect the General and was killed in action. Today is a day to honor love that crosses the wall of species…

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We’re on a quest! The Eternal Sparkle was sealed behind three mystical shield/mask thingies, and we attempted to procure at least one of ‘em. Unfortunately, that dastardly Janus stole it right out from under us, and now… Uh… we got any leads?


Maybe we can go back to where we heard about the Eternal Sparkle in the first place.


Well that was easy! People in town did say that Sterling seems to know everything.


We even get straightforward directions. Nice!


Everybody is so anxious to see us leave.


Hannah the Barmaid has comments about Janus. Apparently, he is well known and well loathed.


Still not certain how these save dolls know Spanish…


Okay, enough of Jolly Roger…