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FGC #600 Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes: Part 5

Finally, some gameplayMarvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is an amazing, once in a lifetime game that brings together over 50 characters from wildly disparate worlds and franchises. So, in an effort to pay tribute to one of the games I believe to be the greatest of all time, please enjoy the final day of our five-part, 100% complete, generally alphabetical look at every fighter in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Now let’s talk about the monkey girl…


Go Go MonkeySonSon is one of four original characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Amingo, Abyss, and Ruby Heart were all created exclusively for MvC2, and they have not appeared in anything but cameos ever since.

Except SonSon is not an original character. SonSon is based on SonSon from the obscure 1984 Capcom arcade title, SonSon.

Except SonSon is an original character, because she is the granddaughter of that SonSon. She is not the SonSon of SonSon. She is, essentially, SonSon III.

Except SonSon I was not an original character, either. SonSon I was based on Sun Wukong from the 16th century Chinese novel, Journey to the West. SonSon is one of a thousand “adaptations” of this classic tale, with the original premise of Dragon Ball being one of the most prominent illustrations.

So, SonSon III is ultimately an original character that is based on a character that is possibly the least original character in the whole roster.

But, hey, at least she can turn into a giant monkey. That might be better than being a cactus.

Peter “Spider-Man” Parker

Its that guySpider-Man is Sailor Moon.

And, yes, both franchises subsist on several Young Adult fiction tropes, but very specifically for both cases…

1. The central “Marvel” conflict of Spider-Man was always that Peter Parker kind of sucked as Peter Parker, but excelled at being Spider-Man. Iron Man had his potentially deadly shrapnel that “made him” Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk had his man/monster dichotomy, and Spider-Man had the unbearable burden of having to be a good Peter Parker and superhero. He failed. A lot. Nearly everyone in Peter Parker’s life, from his adopted mother to his boss, thinks Peter Parker is a slacker that is never going to achieve anything, and this is primarily because Pete puts too much of an emphasis on saving the world. He was late because he was stopping a mugging. He missed Aunt May’s birthday because he was dealing with Galactus. It’s kind of a “nice guy” fantasy wherein your every failing has a big, important reason that no one would ever understand because it must be a secret for their own good. But, end of the day, Spider-Man is saving the day, even though J.J. would never believe Peter Parker can accomplish anything. In much the same way, Usagi, Sailor Moon’s “secret identity”, is the world’s biggest screw-up, and if you told her parents that she was destined to rule a thousand years of peace after banishing all evil witches from the land, they would likely die laughing. Very similar “secret identity hijinks” on both sides, with a heavy emphasis on simultaneously being super important but extremely poorly regarded by their friends and family.

2. Similarly, Spider-Man is…

Xenosaga Episode II Part 13: The End(s) of Albedo

Previously on Xenosaga: … Forget the last two updates. Think back before all the sidequests, think back to a time when we were just making our final approach on The Patriarch, the malevolent mastermind behind the destruction of Old Miltia. You there now? Good. Here we go.

Yep, right about here. The final choice before…

Welcome to The Patriarch’s giant shiny death dome.

As per villain tradition, Patriarch compliments The Brews on making it this far, bwa ha ha and whatnot.


But our good friend has come back to us!

Xenosaga Episode I Part 18: An End

Previously on Xenosaga: The two best characters in the franchise were introduced. I’m talking about Professor and Erde Kaiser. I’m not certain Assistant Scott even ranks…

Alright, after all the sidequests and poking around some previous areas for Door Decoder prizes (not pictured, I haven’t got all day), we’re at the 24 hour mark for the game. I could have played Super Metroid, like, eleven times!

You are allowed to leave the Proto Merkabah after docking there, so it’s not your final choice in the game or anything, but it is the final choice for my game. I am so done with Episode 1 at this point…

Junior, once again, is putting this whole situation on his tiny lil baby shoulders.

Shion assures him that it’s just what anyone with a crazy death-bot in tow would do. Oh, and Vector approves… saving an entire planet. Seriously, who would veto that idea?

Allen has to get in one last weenie comment before the big show.

Oh, I think I’ll miss you most of all, Scarecrow…