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Xenosaga Episode III Special 1: The Xenosaga FAQ

Why isn’t Shion a gnosis?

The question that became so irrelevant, even the LP forgot about it.

In Episode 1, it was established that everyone who is touched by a gnosis becomes a gnosis. Also, we got to see Cherenkov, ya know, become a gnosis. Logically, it must only be a matter of time before Shion herself becomes a gnosis, as she was nearly saltified back on the Woglinde before KOS-MOS’s rescue.

And then… it’s never mentioned again.

… Or is it?

Xenosaga Episode II Part 06: Snow Compromises

Previously on Xenosaga: Turns out there’s a dungeon in MOMO’s head! We went through it, and…

Hey! This dungeon looks a lot like the last one! Meet the other chief reason the “Subconscious Domain” is the worst dungeon in Xenosaga Episode 2: you have to run through it twice. Welcome to Subconscious Domain (Winter).

6:13, for posterity.

So not only is this dungeon exactly the same as the “previous” dungeon, it also offers monsters that are just palette swaps of the previous dungeon’s monsters. This, seriously, is a special kind of lazy. Incidentally, aside from color changes, the only indicator I noticed that these were “different” monsters was that they had to be rescanned. Aside from that? They seem exactly the same, though there are likely subtle differences.

One change from the Summer version: most of the “dead ends” now contain treasure. Not any useful treasure, but at least it feels like there’s some reason to go down random paths. I have to wonder if the annoying sidequest I mentioned last update was added later in production to do something with Summer’s redundant dead ends. Not that it helps your first trip through the area…

Ya know, this is usually the kind of dungeon/area I love in video games. In no other medium is there that “joy” of revisiting old areas under different circumstances. For instance, I love comparing the maps of 600 AD and 1000 AD in Chrono Trigger and noting the subtle and dramatic differences. I love the crashed research satellite/ship in Metroid Prime. Here? This is the exact same dungeon with a different coat of paint, and some of the more interesting areas, like the hidden shed/teleporter in the Summer domain, are simply blocked off or eliminated. This is just a lazy, completely unnecessary area.

Can we use the shortcut we opened up in the Summer version? Nope! This might take a while…

Xenosaga Episode II Part 04: MOMO’s Big Day

Previously on Xenosaga: Shion reunited with her family. She’s ready to go back to space now.

So we’ve got just chaos for the moment, and it’s his arduous task to walk five feet over to the UMN Control Center.

Welcome to the UMN Control Center! This is where the Internet lives!

Hey guys… doesn’t the Kukai Foundation have something better to do with its time? Who’s running the place? Captain Matthews?

MOMO grabbed her finest beret for this mission. I hope Helmer didn’t wear the same thing.

And guess who just showed up.

Xenosaga Episode I Part 15: Sing Me a Song

Previously on Xenosaga: Things were looking grim for our heroes, as the entire Galactic Military pointed their collective guns at the Kukai Foundation. Meanwhile, Albedo pointed his gun elsewhere.

Captain Baldguy is on the warpath, and no one is safe.

But just when all seems lost, a giant… ripple… wave… thing?… tears through the gnosis, and the day is saved. Buh? KOS-MOS, was that you again?

Junior is just as confused as anybody.

Oh, smack, it’s an even bigger ship than all the other friggen huge ships! Yay, food chain!

Yes, yes, we get it, reaction shots all around.

Shion at least knows the name of the thing dropping her jaw.

Yes, it’s the Dammerung…