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Xenosaga Episode III Part 17: URTVogears

Previously on Xenosaga: Yuriev played The Brews again, and the Durandal and nearly everyone on it was destroyed in an attempt to infiltrate Abel’s Ark, a gigantic gnosis that is the current home of The Zohar. Yuriev grabbed that Zohar and began to ascend to godhood, and Junior and pals got… I think they rescued a dog at some point?

Here we are, Bridge of the Elsa, same as it ever was. After everything that happened last time, we once again have a moment to breathe before heading into the latest danger zone. Breathing is overrated, let’s get out of here.

Upon starting this mission, a brief scene between chaos and Canaan plays. I guess we have to get into some character development for other characters, and we’re doing it alphabetically (Allen is, naturally, skipped).

Canaan is having an existential crisis, so why not talk to a buddy. Fun fact: Canaan and chaos have known each other for fifteen years… but I think this is the first they’re talking one-on-one in the present.

I can never tell if Canaan is supposed to be stoic or mopey, but I guess this clinches it. Canaan is a sad Realian.

And it turns out…

Xenosaga Episode III Part 15: Back to Reality

Previously on Xenosaga: Wow, here we are, last disc of the last Xenosaga game. Let’s reminisce about the past. Like when Shion summoned the gnosis into this universe 15 years ago? Or when Shion summoned Abel’s Ark 15 minutes ago? Good times, good times.

So, uh, would anyone be mad if I just skipped this update? Move ahead a LP chapter, and just ignore this bit that is going to be wall-to-wall talking heads? Is anybody still reading this thing? Can I just LP Chrono Cross for an update and see if anybody notices?

Like, okay, Abel’s Ark showed up, we already know this.

And I suppose there’s some debate over what’s fantasy and reality from the last update. There’s nothing more interesting than watching your heroes try to figure out what the hell just happened.

For all the running around since the tomb adventure, we’re still in the exact same spot. Metaphor. Moving forward…

Xenosaga Episode II Part 05: Sympathy for the Devils

Previously on Xenosaga: MOMO became a vegetable, so it’s time to go brain farming.

Actually, come to think of it, Xenosaga Episode 2 itself provides a “The Story So Far” screen every time you boot up the game. If I were cool enough to coordinate my saves with my post breaks, I could just use these silly things every time.

But I won’t.

“Now get back in the combat party where monsters can whack you around some more.”

So here we are, “Subconcious Domain”. This domain has a bunch of areas to it, and a few of them are “one (or two) visit only”. This little shack will only be visited once, and then never again.

But who cares, because The Brews are back together again! With a virtual simulation of KOS-MOS and an effectively brain dead MOMO, we’ve got the full Xenosaga Episode 1 battle party back together. Time to play with everyone’s Skill Allotment for a half hour!

Alright, back to the funky little shack.

Xenosaga Episode II Part 02: Crosstown Traffic

Previously on Xenosaga: I am freaking tired of Old Miltia! It’s Old Miltia, guys! Stop flashbacking! Everyone stop flashbacking!

Oh, bullocks, now I’m late for church.

Here’s a pretty typical looking nun.

Oh ho ho, is this Margulis’s boss? Let’s find out!