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Wild Arms 3 Part 57: Breaking In

Make sure you are not anywhere near Silent Hill, because today is June 5, Mist Day. Mist is scary, because there might be a mist spirit hiding somewhere. The dunes are scary, because there might be a sand spirit hiding somewhere. The sky is scary, because there might be an air spirit hiding somewhere. Come to think of it, there isn’t much point to a day just for mist when you’re scared of so many things.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Maya has been kidnapped for so long at this point, I do not even remember what she looks like. The most recent debacle saw Virginia attempting to trade the Teardrop for Maya’s release, but that was an unbelievable failure, and now the bad guys have fled to somewhere nebulously “outside Laxisland”.

… And if this recap sounds familiar…. Uh… blame aliens.


Let’s actually find those ruins this time.


See? Nalice makes all the difference. That silly Telepath Tower was within walking distance, but the real dungeon is up on an airship-only plateau.


And you can’t tell me the villains are going to pass on a base called “Cradle of the Metal Gods”.


So if we radar around up here…


Let’s get this party started!


… Or not. Is this dungeon rejecting us?

Wild Arms 3 Part 48: For Hope Shines Bright

Let’s make some more Wild Arms progress today, April 3, Fate Day. I sought to seek my fate today, so I picked a leaf of Agastia, but all that was written on it was ‘Better luck next time.’ Does it mean the answer was scratched off when I picked the leaf?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: The Abyss has, one way or another, been completed. In the far future, it is conquered forever; but, in the immediate present, we just snagged a Dragon Statue from Floor 10.


So we leave this awful dungeon that haunts my nightmares.


Try not to get murdered on your way out by the surprisingly deadly local mobs!


And we are back at the Fallen Sanctuary for our last Guardian Lord (though, amusingly enough, this will not be the last time we visit this dungeon).


Zephyr is often portrayed as the most powerful of the Guardian Lords, and is traditionally associated with the main character of any given Wild Arms title. In Wild Arms 3, the Guardians are not distinctly “assigned”, but it always felt like weaselly ol’ Jet is the literal “hope” of this world for reasons that will be explained later.

(And for the record, in my mind, Gallows is obviously Desire, affectionate husband/father Clive is Love, and Virginia storms into Gob hideouts with unfettered Courage. Though there is also the interpretation that they are all Virginia, and she showcases all four traits across the four acts of Wild Arms 3.)


“The visions in your minds are bound together. An eastward wind sweeps away the clouds of despair. It is like a beacon that shines through the night. The power of hope soars toward tomorrow. The bearer of the Ark Scepter’s light must have the strength to fight that which has no form. Fight, and show your strength to Zephyr!”

I really, really feel strongly that the word “West” should be included when describing the West Wind.


Is it weird that dragons…

Wild Arms 3 Part 47: In Blackest Night

or, the less eloquent title
This F#%&ing S%*#hole

In complete contrast to our subject matter, today is is March 27, Candy Day! How many days can someone live on candy? Once, a woman tried to answer this question. Today marks the anniversary of this brave woman’s death. By the way, I tried this myself and lasted for twelve days. No holiday for me, though… I guess you have to die before you get a day named after you.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We conquered Gunner’s Heaven, and earned (in a roundabout way) the third Guardian Lord. Just one more to go!

The last Guardian Lord is Zephyr who presides over Hope. We don’t have much of a lead on his whereabouts, but if we chat with our old buddy Pike


“’A ray of hope will lead you through the darkness.’ Have you heard that before? People in my hometown used to say that all the time. It’s like when you’re feeling down, you think it’ll stay that way forever, but tomorrow is always a new day.”


It could just be a coincidence, but we haven’t stopped by Little Rock in a while, so let’s see if they have any further information about keyword “Hope”.


The talk of the town is a nearby(ish) dungeon by the name of the Abyss, and how it hides “hope”. That certainly sounds relevant!


Thanks for the directions…

Wild Arms 3 Part 46: Crossfire Sequence

Okay, we’ve got about an hour before I compulsively have to play more of my latest addiction, so let’s make the most of our time today, March 20, Gecko Day. Extract from baby geckos is used to dye cherries and olives green for cake and cocktail decoration. Being the kind of person that I am, I make a grave in my backyard each time I eat a green cherry. Today is Gecko Day… Please say a prayer for all the geckos you may have consumed.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We found the battle coliseum, and we conquered two out of three fighting divisions. Guess what we are tackling today…


So, like last week, we are looking at the future of our “real” playthrough timeline here. In fact, Wild Arms 3’s final coliseum battle (and most of the rest of this update) all but requires an end-game party. So please be aware that everything you have seen in this Let’s Play so far has been possible for a “regular” party, but a significant chunk of this update is entirely reliant on a party prepared to slay god(s).


And with that caveat out of the way, let’s destroy the Master League.


The Master League has a general recommended level of 80 or so (reminder: in “real time”, my party is around 40), though even at level 100, this is not a cakewalk. You have a scant 15 rounds to take down some of the hardest monsters on Filgaia.


The Daredevils are all about speed…


And wind attacks. They also have the ability to paralyze your party. Protect against paralyze and wind, and you should at least be able to survive.


Either shoot ‘em down, or blow some FP on summoning a Guardian that exploits their Earth weakness.


You know the deal with this mob…