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Wild Arms 3 Part 31: Clocktower: The Struggle

Everybody get excited because today is November 28, Sword Day. A sword and a dog had a fight. Sword won the fight. Sword was the name of the dog. What was the name of the dog? Think about it carefully…

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia saw her uncle, Gallows saw his granny, and now we’re going to fight to save all of space and time.


So here we are, still in Baskar.


Every other NPC is now talking about Nidhogg and Yggdrasil. We are so close to the quest that makes that relevant!


Eh, I don’t wanna.


Our next destination is Infinitum…

Wild Arms 3 Part 23: Luck of the Villainous

It looks like today is October 3, Nutrition Day. I’m going to eat a balanced diet of chicken breasts, chicken wings, and chicken drumsticks. It’s important to eat from all the different food groups, right?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We met what may or may not be an elf, and she helped us get our Pikmin on.


But now we are done with optional content and back on the trail of advancing the plot.


Clive’s family gave us two potential leads. The gem mine is closer physically, but Fortune Gear is a potential Guardian shrine, and those dungeons have consistently reaped the best rewards across this quest.




The last Guardian Shrine felt empty, but, like two shrines back, this one likely has an intruder.


Gonna have to exhume another god corpse…


Dungeon/plot synergy! This room/platform serves no other purpose than to remind you that Clive got married here, and Fortune Gear is available for parties and bar mitzvahs. So let’s get this party started!

Wild Arms 3 Part 18: The Dying of the Light

Going to go ahead and post this on Gogglebob.com on August 29, Ponytail Day. Growing out your hair and strapping it into a ponytail is the new fashion all over Filgaia. Some people get the urge to yank on a ponytail, but pulling one will cause it to explode, blowing both of you to smithereens.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: After a lovely little jaunt into a sewer, Janus unleashed his true power, and left the party reeling. Well… I mean… that is the plot explanation of what happened… But our gang kind of still has 90% of their HP, so “reeling” may be a bit of an exaggeration.


Regardless, we are out in the open wasteland looking for shelter.



This walk to Little Rock is not that long, but it can be difficult if you actually are stumbling from the Janus encounter.


And here we are. You must “discover” Little Rock with your radar, but the geography gives you a pretty significant clue for where to look.


Time to rock around the Little Rock…

Wild Arms 3 Part 16: Lunar Silver Slickster Story

This update is appearing on Gogglebob.com on August 15, Mystery Day. Cats that live to old age are said to gain mystical powers. Do you know that former Drifter in Jolly Roger? His real body is the cat rolling around near him and the old Drifter is the cat’s tool.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: It’s a girl! By which we mean we found out that Clive has a daughter, and a different girl tried to kill everybody through a series of dungeon traps. But we rescued a third girl, Claudia, and now it is time to take her home.


Here we are.


Claudia is no worse for having been possessed by the robed woman. Incidentally, Claudia still has her “Ah” accent, so apparently regional dialects supersede possessions.


Gallows has learned nothing.


We have no idea what Claudia remembers from the incident. All we know is she doesn’t give a hoot about Gallows.


Angela, Claudia’s boss who set us on this quest, is happy to have her wage slave back home.


You know, we paid Angela for information to find out about that ruin, but it seems like she is the one making out here…