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Wild Arms 3 Part 52: Love can Bloom Even on the Battlefield

Mayday, everybody, it is May 1, Wet Towel Day. To feel like a wet towel means to feel heavier with each tear you shed. You can also take it as regret for being born in this world. If you take the opposite view, though, things like guardians and monsters are probably happy they weren’t born as humans.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We explored an ancient, fallen (in more ways than one) city, but it was missing its all-important power source. There are some rumors that this gem might be at a nearby tower, but there are also rumors we may run into a certain infamous family there…



So let’s head on in to Caging Tower.


The first thing you’ll notice is that treasure is around.


But we can’t get to it. Boo. Looks like this will be another “ruin” that lives up to that description.


At least there is a way forward before the collapsed balcony.


Pretty boring dungeon so far…


Ah! Here we go! According to the local lore…

Wild Arms 3 Part 51: It’s Going Down

We’ve officially been updating this Let’s Play on Gogglebob.com for a year now, as it is April 24, Back-of-the Knee Day. The back of the knee is the spot where your knee drops when you push on it. You’ve played this trick on your friends too, right?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Filgaia has a flying city! Or… it used to. Turns out that big ol’ city had a big ol’ crash, and now we are exploring the wreckage to see if they left anything useful.


We’re not super optimistic, though.


They did leave behind a number of puzzles at least.


This one is a double Clive-event. Use his Mighty Gloves to make a platform out of blocks, then use the grapple to get up on those blocks.


At least this dungeon is slightly more interesting than our typical cave environs.


But an unavoidable battle means it is time to pay attention.


We’re not completely done with this dungeon, but we do have a boss to tackle.


As mentioned previously, likely to account for the possibility of doing quests “out of order”, a number of mandatory bosses in this section are “puzzle fights”. Can you guess the gimmick of Chameleon Man…

Wild Arms 3 Part 50: Looking Up

Get it on like Donkey Kong because today is April 17, Barrel Day. On a certain pirate ship, there was a man who had a body like a barrel. He was able to hide various objects inside his body. Angered by other pirates abusing his talent, he invented the wooden barrel. From then on, the pirates used barrels to hide their weapons and loot, but it saddened the barrel-like man, for he lost his sense of purpose.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We said good-bye to Clive’s mentor/father-in-law at the ancient nanomachine plant where he was buried alive. Pretty typical day. And as soon as Clive paid his respects…


We got a lovely little cutaway to our favorite demon gang.


Where are they? We don’t know. What are they doing? We have no idea. But what do they need? -The Power-.


“Can we just build a new one?”
“Who built the old one?”
“Man, we were terrible at our jobs…”


Remember how Yggdrasil’s power source was stolen? We still don’t have a culprit for that. Not like Werner is walking around with a big ol’ orb.


Pointy-helmeted boss checking in…

Wild Arms 3 Part 49: Too Many Daddies

Can you feel the beat? Because today is April 10, Heart Day. My heart works hard everyday so I can move and work normally. My liver and kidneys also work hard each day too, but they don’t have days named after them… I’d like to give my personal thanks to these unsung organs.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Well, technically last week we completed our last optional sidequest for this section of the game, but waaaay back in Part 42


Clive had a good sit where he got to thinking about his old mentor…


Who was very learned in Filgaia not-magic magic science…


And got squished by a security system gone haywire.


So Clive decided we were going to go see that ruin.


(Back then)


(The Present)

Now remember, taking a shortcut will lead you astray or something, so that event was hours and hours of gameplay ago. Four hours, actually, as I can compare screenshots from the older update. Oh! And the Wild Arms 3 clock is all wonky, too, so it was probably much longer. I have no idea why that timer only counts walkin’ around time.

Then again, I have two different playthroughs going here, so it is all very confusing. Point is that it has been a while since we participated in the mandatory plot!


So now we fly!

… We wouldn’t be able to fly if we didn’t do all those sidequests for hours. See, Clive! It was helpful! It’s not like your professor/father-in-law is going to get any more dead.


Being able to fly makes this quest a little easier…


As the only directions we have are this “old, worn-out map”, and nailing that location is easier from the air.


You can certainly reach these Ruins of Dreams…