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Wild Arms 3 Part 30: You Can Always Go Home Again (and Again)

Giddyap, partner, because today is November 21. The catch phrase of the day is, ‘Beating after death.’ The Ark of Destiny hands out free calendars every year, but it only lists their religious holidays. It makes me want to memorize all of them, so I don’t use them myself.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We learned of The Ark of Destiny’s history of dendrology, and that apparently happened right around where Virginia used to live.


So let’s check the ol’ homestead for clues.


Fun fact: there is in fact a hill in Boot Hill. Virginia’s family lives up on said hill. They are loaded.


As you may expect, every NPC in town has more personalized dialogue for Virginia.


The rest of the party just gets generic clues that will help them save the world.


Freaking love that Libera the ARMs-smith has to tell Virginia immediately that he couldn’t save the town from gobs back during her intro because he was visiting his girlfriend in Canada that day.


Huh! What a weird coincidence!


Can you only get to Boot Hill if you are on the verge of death? Apparently Roykman, our ever-faithful traveling merchant, was rescued in Boot Hill from a pack of dogs by some mysterious character that is Virginia’s Dad (oops spoilers).


“Today is November 21. The catch phrase of the day is, ‘Beating after death.’ The Ark of Destiny hands out free calendars every year, but it only lists their religious holidays. It makes me want to memorize all of them, so I don’t use them myself.”

I feel like I heard this somewhere before.


Let’s do some reading…

Wild Arms 3 Part 29: Volatile Dreams

If you came here for Wild Arms 3, you are in the right place! And the right date is November 14, Name Brand Day. When I was pondering what’s the most famous brand on Filgaia, Roykman’s face popped up into my head… Is he considered a brand, though?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Maya and Virginia worked together to conquer a survey point that had a surprisingly high number of cooperative puzzles. Why either team of four couldn’t just solve these puzzles built for two “alone” is anybody’s guess.


And we beat back noted prophet Malik twice, so now it is a clear shot to the precious gems that we came here for.

… Well, technically we were just hired to chase Maya out… But… ya know…


Oh, here’s Maya now. Yes, sorry, it took a week.


Look lovely tonight?


Let’s rock(s).


“And we just fought two boss battles that totaled six different monsters! Can we take a break?”


Again with the whacky courtship maneuvers…

Wild Arms 3 Part 26: Everybody Lives

We’re telling this tale on October 24, Break Dancing Day. Whip out the old cardboard and do the worm! Do the windmill! Do the helicopter! Do the bronco! Whoo-hoo!!

Previously on Wild Arms 3:
Come on grab your friends, we’ll go to very Faraway Lands.
With Asgard the Golem and Virginia the Human
The fun will never end, it’s Kizim Flame Time


Now let’s use that working elevator.


But the switch on the bottom floor isn’t working so well. Anybody have a clue on how to activate that bad boy?


How about we use a nearby platform to get a little height?


And then, after we drop on the switch…

Wild Arms 3 Part 25: Get a Job

Sorry, Maya will not be appearing today, October 17, Mustache Day. Growing out mustaches is a common way for baby-faced boys to appear mature. For girls, the only mustaches they get are milk mustaches.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Nobody got any gems while Maya read a book. Ho-hum.


And now we are back at Humphrey’s Peak. As an additional recap: we started a few quests here after being wiped out by Asgard and the Prophets, and all we really have to show for it is one more medium/dead Guardian.


But speaking of those prophets, returning to HP after clearing Fortune Gear and Gemstone Cave will lead to this little check-in.


The last time we had one of these cutaways, we saw Malik and his desire to revive a strange blonde lady. Now we get more insight into Melody’s motivations.


As we already learned way back at Unclean Mark, Melody is homicidally obsessed with beauty.


And she doesn’t so much get along with her coworkers.


I used to love the word “vainglorious”… But then I read a breakdown of the webcomic Sinfest. Now it is ruined for me…


Wild Arms 3 has a lot of great, subtle animations for its various dramatic moments. This is not one of them…