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Wild Arms 3 Part 15: Ruses ‘n Resurrections

We’re going to go ahead and post this on August 8, Infinity Day. Turn the number eight on its side and you get the symbol for infinity. Nifty, isn’t it?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Our intrepid Drifters crossed the land far and wide to find a clue for something to do. They eventually settled on helping some lost woman destroy an ambiguous magical artifact in random ruins.


These ruins.


Filled with monsters like these.


And puzzles that can be solved with bombs like this.


So fun fact…

Wild Arms 3 Part 13: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Quickly

This is being posted on Gogglebob.com on July 18, Brick Day. Like the many shades of flesh, bricks also come in many colors. I think the description, ‘Wearing a brick-colored jacket’ on this wanted poster of Janus is a poor choice of words.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia conquered depression, a titanic turtle, and about half of an ancient tower. She’s probably going to cure cancer and repel Satan during this update.


So let’s climb on up to see what the rest of this tower has to offer.


We just had the wheel switches from Virginia’s first dungeon, and now we have the grate climbing for the first time since Jet’s first dungeon.


Since Jet was the only one that got to climb previously, if you are some kind of sprite maniac, you now have the opportunity to see how everyone in the party looks when climbing hand over hand.


This room is pretty straightforward, but the way the grates/”towers” are arranged mean that you will have to double back a few times if you want to hit all the treasure chests.


I would say the grate treasures are… great. Revive fruits are going to come in handy during the inevitable upcoming boss battle.


Oh, I hate this nonsense…

Wild Arms 3 Part 12: The Turtle’s Lament

This is being posted on Gogglebob.com on July 11, Bulletin Board Day. Stationmaster what’s-his-name put up a bulletin board for the station. The people posthumously rewarded him by naming a constellation after him. I, too, work hard everyday so that one day I’ll get my own constellation in the sky. Well, what are you aiming for?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia suffered a crushing loss when she was nearly crushed to death, but Jet took the blow. Her new BFF gave her a pity magical artifact, and now she is supposed to go to Ka Dingel to meet the rest of the big players, but…


Gallows succinctly explains the situation.


You guys have ARMs. You could just shoot her until she’s happy again. … Wait, this is probably why they won’t let me be a therapist.


“I enjoyed that part where we stalked through a dungeon and killed, like, a billion slimes.”


It is good to see that Jet is doing well. If he blames Virginia for what happened, he is not mentioning it.


Drones just hanging out, waiting for their queen bee to make a decision.


Good question!


Soul crushing question…