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Wild Arms 3 Part 16: Lunar Silver Slickster Story

This update is appearing on Gogglebob.com on August 15, Mystery Day. Cats that live to old age are said to gain mystical powers. Do you know that former Drifter in Jolly Roger? His real body is the cat rolling around near him and the old Drifter is the cat’s tool.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: It’s a girl! By which we mean we found out that Clive has a daughter, and a different girl tried to kill everybody through a series of dungeon traps. But we rescued a third girl, Claudia, and now it is time to take her home.


Here we are.


Claudia is no worse for having been possessed by the robed woman. Incidentally, Claudia still has her “Ah” accent, so apparently regional dialects supersede possessions.


Gallows has learned nothing.


We have no idea what Claudia remembers from the incident. All we know is she doesn’t give a hoot about Gallows.


Angela, Claudia’s boss who set us on this quest, is happy to have her wage slave back home.


You know, we paid Angela for information to find out about that ruin, but it seems like she is the one making out here…

Wild Arms 3 Part 15: Ruses ‘n Resurrections

We’re going to go ahead and post this on August 8, Infinity Day. Turn the number eight on its side and you get the symbol for infinity. Nifty, isn’t it?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Our intrepid Drifters crossed the land far and wide to find a clue for something to do. They eventually settled on helping some lost woman destroy an ambiguous magical artifact in random ruins.


These ruins.


Filled with monsters like these.


And puzzles that can be solved with bombs like this.


So fun fact…

Wild Arms 3 Part 14: Goals and Dolls

Back to Wild Arms 3 Let’s Playing proper here on August 1, Soaproot Day. You might laugh at me for saying it, but I really like soaproot. They come in handy when I need to get that sneeze out of my system.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: In a climatic battle between Virginia and Janus (and those other guys), Janus was soundly defeated. Ka Dingel partially collapsed, and our party left to… Uh… what were we doing?


Having flashbacks again, I guess?


Clive experiences the same flashback we saw back in his introductory chapter.


Apparently he has ruins-based PTSD. This must be a common affliction in JRPG worlds.


And it caused him to miss the ol’ alarm clock.


I am betting this inn is tired of these doofs and that white-haired kid putting his feet up on the table.


Having completed 25% of the game…

Wild Arms 3 Part 13: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Quickly

This is being posted on Gogglebob.com on July 18, Brick Day. Like the many shades of flesh, bricks also come in many colors. I think the description, ‘Wearing a brick-colored jacket’ on this wanted poster of Janus is a poor choice of words.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia conquered depression, a titanic turtle, and about half of an ancient tower. She’s probably going to cure cancer and repel Satan during this update.


So let’s climb on up to see what the rest of this tower has to offer.


We just had the wheel switches from Virginia’s first dungeon, and now we have the grate climbing for the first time since Jet’s first dungeon.


Since Jet was the only one that got to climb previously, if you are some kind of sprite maniac, you now have the opportunity to see how everyone in the party looks when climbing hand over hand.


This room is pretty straightforward, but the way the grates/”towers” are arranged mean that you will have to double back a few times if you want to hit all the treasure chests.


I would say the grate treasures are… great. Revive fruits are going to come in handy during the inevitable upcoming boss battle.


Oh, I hate this nonsense…