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Xenosaga Episode III Part 09: Shion Through the Ages

Previously on Xenosaga: Is it the 50’s? Or 1999? Nope, it’s fifteen years ago, and The Brews have inadvertently time traveled back to Old Miltia shortly before its destruction. Now Allen’s favorite onesie store won’t be open for another decade!

Picking this back up in the women’s dorm. Shion just awoke from a remarkably well-timed dream about her own past of fifteen years/minutes ago.

KOS-MOS is effectively dead, MOMO is chilling, and Shion just woke up. So the boys decided to have a big ol’ wang party?

Finally! Some new weapons are available in the shop. We won’t be using a single one this update, but it’s always good to get new stuff.

Scoot down to that gunroom and… Oh no! Something happened!

Xenosaga Episode II Special 1: Xenosaga I & II

Previously on Xenosaga: I just spent 35 updates and eight months discussing Xenosaga Episode 1 and Xenosaga Episode 2, so let’s do that again!


Xenosaga I & II was a Nintendo DS game released on March 30th, 2006, about three months before the Japanese release of Xenosaga Episode 3 for the Playstation 2. In a way, like the anime series, this was a clever way to get the audience “caught up” on the Xenosaga plot, and maybe nudge a few new fans into purchasing the upcoming finale. On the other hand, it took a series that was known for its dynamic, sweeping visuals and storytelling, and reduced it to something that would have been right at home on the Sega CD.

Though, in its defense, it is pretty cute.

Let’s take a look!

Xenosaga Episode II Part 09: Explosive Revelations

Previously on Xenosaga: Orgulla’s long, sad story came to a close as she fell in battle attempting to repel invaders on behalf of her beloved Patriarch. Orgulla may no longer be with us, but The Brews ventured on to Old Miltia, each party member doing their best to deal with the blood now on their collective hands.

Ziggy is here because he’s never been to Old Miltia before, and thought it might be neat.

Alright, so this is the big lie everyone is going to tell over and over again this update. If you recall, the introductory dungeon of Xenosaga Episode 2 took place during the Miltian Conflict, at the capital, roughly hours before Old Miltia plinked out of existence. Remember what that looked like.

Super duper wrong.

chaos hasn’t said… anything… in a while, so he decides to wax philosophical about the mythical land of Mu, an area best known for appearing in the prequel to Xenosaga, Ducktales 2.

This is a lot more accurate than this whole “it looks exactly the same” thing.

chaos makes reference to Mu being “sacrificed”, and Shion agrees that that’s the general gist of this area. She’s more right than she knows…

Xenosaga Episode II Part 07: Shion Uzuki, Model Employee

Previously on Xenosaga: MOMO is safe, Albedo is dead, and that whole Y-Data issue is a thing of the past. Wow, that would have been a great place for Episode 1 to end… Anyway, Old Miltia popped out of its black holes, and now every named person and organization in the universe is in a mad dash to get there.

Well, except this broad. And she’s not even listening to Miyuki!

So, Shion is back on the Dammerung, Vector’s home base, and she’s cranky about it.

And it probably doesn’t help that her former underling/maybe friend is demanding she actually do her job.

Right about then, all time stops, and the lights go dim.

Only one reason that ever happens…