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Wild Arms 3 Part 69: The Loves of Clive

4 – 1 = (3 + 1) / 2

Hope you’re hungry, because today is September 18, Stomach Day. Yesterday, I ate so much that I turned into a barrel. That loud rumble coming from my stomach is a warning from Mr. Stomach to handle him with care.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Clive had a momentary lapse in judgement and let the rest of the party start the next dungeon without him. They were captured immediately, so Clive independently got over his love of the internet and rushed to rescue them.


But I’m sure they’ll be fine.


“Might need your knockin’ hand later.”


Do we count Lombardia? Who could probably blow up this whole stupid dungeon from space?


The end… when we run out of oxygen?


You do not have to make the trek back to Demondor Pillar-Rear with just Clive; Lombardia drops him off right at the entrance. This is significant, as why couldn’t she do that for the rest of the team?


They’re not.


So same dungeon, but now you are a solo party of Clive…

Wild Arms 3 Part 66: The Desire of Gallows

A Bea in Your Bonnet

Don’t you know me, Kansas City? I’m the next chapter of the Let’s Play! Right here on August 28, Spring Day. A scientist created an android boy powered by springs. He sprang to life. Get it? Sprang…

Previously on Wild Arms 3: It looked like everything was going to be good forever, but then Shane got it in his head that he wanted to “help”. Now we have to fight through a whole dungeon to make sure he doesn’t sacrifice himself to the planet or some silly/genocidal thing.


So we just slayed the (a?) hydra, which was the guardian beast of the Guardians. Guess it will be clear sailing from here?


Still more dungeon to go, though.


Tingle senses tingling.


Never gonna give you up, bombs.


This treasure room includes at least one Imitator.


We are well past the point of caring about these boxboys…

Wild Arms 3 Part 64 Interlude: Music Appreciation

I am ready to jam on August 14, Corset Day. Someone came up with a corset fortune reading on this day. If the flab that was pushed out of the corset was heart-shaped, your luck is good. If the flab was ball-shaped, your luck is bad. For most people, this fortune reading turns out bad, so I don’t trust it one bit.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Chapter 3 complete!

Look out!

It is a sad side effect of the construction of these Let’s Plays that I very rarely discuss the music involved in a game. Without delving too far into how an official Goggle Bob Co. Let’s Play is designed and rolled off the assembly line, understand that by the time I am actually writing about some particular section of the game, it has likely been months since I played that portion. And, since I often dice up and catalogue these screenshots while my computer is muted and I have my television streaming some random nonsense (currently rewatching Gravity Falls!), the first and last time I ever hear music and gameplay together is “early” in the whole process. If I want to jam along with a particular dungeon, I ultimately have to go out of my way to do it.

And never mind that there are usually about ten thousand things to cover over the course of the Let’s Play anyway. How am I supposed to take time out for tunes when I already must choose between discussing battle systems or lesbian overtures!? Bah!

So let’s take a break from all that to talk about the music of Wild Arms 3. And, since music is subjective as hell, I am just going to be looking at my favorite songs from the soundtrack. This is my Let’s Play! You deal with that!

I am going to attempt to link to Youtube uploads of these tracks. If the links rot, or some random song is secretly Never Gonna Give You Up, I accept zero responsibility. Go find your own Wild Arms 3 soundtrack!


… Which you actually can within the game. There is a complete "sound test" at the bar in Little Rock. However, all the tracks have extremely nondescriptive titles like “BATTLE_03” and whatnot. Additionally, their order in the game-based soundtrack is founded on “purpose”, so we’re going to go with the official soundtrack listings today. As that soundtrack more or less follows the chronology of the Wild Arms 3’s plot advancing, we are going to start with…

Advanced Third
Here is what plays on the title screen, so I have heard it ten thousand times. It is appropriately exciting, and uses trumpets, which was used to great effect in Wild Arms 2, too. It is also only a minute long, which is appreciated when you start reviewing an entire RPG soundtrack. Whistle along with more tunes…

Wild Arms 3 Part 64: Imagine Dragons on Top of the World

We are wrapping up Chapter 3 today, August 7, Tile Day. Tiles are nice and smooth, so they’re considered symbols of fair skin. Your skin looks like tiles, too.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Siegfried is defeated! The Tear Drop is reclaimed! Maya is going to die alone in an exploding castle!



Wait! That last one is a problem!


But seemingly necessary, as Siegfried appears to have survived, and is teleporting into his All the Dragons room.


On one hand, Siegfried is on the ropes. On the other hand, he has a hangar full of Fafnir dragons. Just one of those required a boss fight earlier in the dungeon. That could make our lives difficult…


And Siegfried is the only villain in this piece that understands how healing works. He may have lost the Tear Drop, but he has alternatives.


Drag on, my brother.


Though my sister has objections.



Once again, “we” have gotten pages of backstory on the ARMs and how demons work, but Maya has had to pick it up on the fly. The good news is that she has been picking it up well…


This sounds like it could be the introductory phrase for a Guilty Gear round…


Maya vs. Siegfried! Round 2…