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Xenosaga Episode III Part 19: A Jerk Planet for Jerk People

Previously on Xenosaga: The final giant robot has taken flight, everyone has their ultimate weapons (except Junior), and the last great Xenogears reference is in the can. Now is finally the time to confront the end of everything…

Technically this update picks up after Update #17. Abel’s Ark… uh… we don’t know if it disappeared or exploded or The Brews simply left, but one way or another, we’re out here in a section of space that is… rather crowded.

But Albedo gave us that hot tip that Abel and the Zohar have been transported to Michtam, so to Michtam we go.

You know you’re living in a JRPG when your destination, an entire planet, lights up.

But, as has been established since the second chapter of this little story, Michtam is a highly contested piece of real estate.

So, like always, we’re going to bypass this insurmountable problem through Tony’s cutscene-based piloting powers.

Zoom! For the final time!

Xenosaga Episode III Part 02: What’s the Entire Galaxy Been Up To?

Previously on Xenosaga: ScientiaLeaks led a daring digital siege on Vector to gain more information on the UMN. Then Shion went to the beach! Or… was always at the beach. The UMN apparently has killer wi-fi.

There are going to be a lot of talking heads this update, and Juli Mizrahi expresses her dismay at that prospect.

So remember how Ormus was a secret society last game? One Jin spent fifteen years investigating? Well, since then, Ormus has come out of the shadows and declared war on the Federation. And they conquered Michtam, that planet from the opening. And, apparently, this is just like what happened during Pied Piper/Ziggy’s original timeframe. And Helmer… looks good in purple.

And then Juli and Helmer prattle on about philosophy for a little bit.

And now for more interesting information!

Xenosaga Episode II Special 1: Xenosaga I & II

Previously on Xenosaga: I just spent 35 updates and eight months discussing Xenosaga Episode 1 and Xenosaga Episode 2, so let’s do that again!


Xenosaga I & II was a Nintendo DS game released on March 30th, 2006, about three months before the Japanese release of Xenosaga Episode 3 for the Playstation 2. In a way, like the anime series, this was a clever way to get the audience “caught up” on the Xenosaga plot, and maybe nudge a few new fans into purchasing the upcoming finale. On the other hand, it took a series that was known for its dynamic, sweeping visuals and storytelling, and reduced it to something that would have been right at home on the Sega CD.

Though, in its defense, it is pretty cute.

Let’s take a look!

Xenosaga Episode II Part 08: Sound and Fury Signifying Ormus

Previously on Xenosaga: The Brews got back together again, but a big stupid dungeon blocked the only way onto Old Miltia. Tony, ace pilot extraordinaire, crashed the Elsa into the base, and now we’ve gotta walk the rest of the way.

See? It was like that.

We’re on the Elsa, and, if for some reason you want to go chat with some more robots, go ahead and delay the inevitable. Just a reminder that Xenosaga Episode 2 has absolutely no shops, and save points restore all HP/EP, so it’s not like you have to “prepare” before hitting the dungeon proper.

Good day, and welcome to the Ormus Stronghold. First of all, there’s a save point at the start, which would be more important if there hadn’t already been a save point twelve whole seconds ago inside the Elsa. Also, you may notice that we’re now in our ES crafts. Let’s talk ESes!