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Wild Arms 3 Part 20: Rest Virginia

Come on guys, let’s play on September 12, Faker Day. The marketplace of Little Twister is full of fake shops like fake moneychangers and fake pharmacies. A faker is someone who goes into these shops without prior knowledge of fake items, otherwise known as bait. Since fakers had higher survival rates than those who knew how to identify fake stuff, the Little Twister Tourist Committee named the day Faker Day.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Everybody died.


See? So I guess we’ll have a little writeup of what happened in Wild Arms 3, and how…


Oh, maybe we can squeeze an update out of Melody standing around and rubbing it in.


“These guys suck. Do I need to write that down for next time?”


Come to think of it, like, literally no one is resisting the Prophets right now. Nobody knows they exist! If our team is dead, then what is the battle data good for? Gotta fight the united army of Jolly Roger or something?


What’s this!? A cat from behind!?!

Wild Arms 3 Part 13: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Quickly

This is being posted on Gogglebob.com on July 18, Brick Day. Like the many shades of flesh, bricks also come in many colors. I think the description, ‘Wearing a brick-colored jacket’ on this wanted poster of Janus is a poor choice of words.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia conquered depression, a titanic turtle, and about half of an ancient tower. She’s probably going to cure cancer and repel Satan during this update.


So let’s climb on up to see what the rest of this tower has to offer.


We just had the wheel switches from Virginia’s first dungeon, and now we have the grate climbing for the first time since Jet’s first dungeon.


Since Jet was the only one that got to climb previously, if you are some kind of sprite maniac, you now have the opportunity to see how everyone in the party looks when climbing hand over hand.


This room is pretty straightforward, but the way the grates/”towers” are arranged mean that you will have to double back a few times if you want to hit all the treasure chests.


I would say the grate treasures are… great. Revive fruits are going to come in handy during the inevitable upcoming boss battle.


Oh, I hate this nonsense…

Wild Arms 3 Part 11: Schröedinger’s Gat

This is being posted on Gogglebob.com on July 4, Courage Day. Once there was a boy who mustered up the courage to shoplift a toy called Deluxe Justine. He proudly placed it on his shelf like a trophy. The next morning, the boy was utterly surprised to see Justine standing by his pillow. By the third day, the toy even grew out hair. So the boy decided to repent. He found the courage to return the toy to the shopkeeper. Remember kids. Shoplifting is stealing.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia made a new friend! Or enemy!


Yep, definitely looks like the second one.


Okay, enough pouting, we are going to go raid this tomb, and no meddling blonde can stop us.


We have to scoot all the way around the perimeter of the dungeon again to get back to that door we opened. This is good. It gives Virginia time to cool off.


Here we are. Moving on…

Wild Arms 3 Part 10: Save a Horse (Ride a Drifter)

This is being initially posted on Gogglebob.com on June 27, Giant Stag Beetle Day. General Bartholomew loved stag beetle so much, he made stag beetle armies and stag beetle poems. In return for his love, a giant stag beetle threw himself in front of a flying bullet to protect the General and was killed in action. Today is a day to honor love that crosses the wall of species…

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We’re on a quest! The Eternal Sparkle was sealed behind three mystical shield/mask thingies, and we attempted to procure at least one of ‘em. Unfortunately, that dastardly Janus stole it right out from under us, and now… Uh… we got any leads?


Maybe we can go back to where we heard about the Eternal Sparkle in the first place.


Well that was easy! People in town did say that Sterling seems to know everything.


We even get straightforward directions. Nice!


Everybody is so anxious to see us leave.


Hannah the Barmaid has comments about Janus. Apparently, he is well known and well loathed.


Still not certain how these save dolls know Spanish…


Okay, enough of Jolly Roger…