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Wild Arms 3 Part 55: Blasts from the Past

Keep an eye out, because today is May 22, Detective Day. Today is the birthday of the famous author who wrote about a great detective in his books. Am I the only one that feels awkward about this? Yes, I don’t think it’s the right way to name a holiday. Ask me… I’m the pro!

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Maya has been kidnapped! Still! Siegfiend has demanded the Teardrop in exchange for her safe return, so we have to go fish that out of the Ruins of Memory.


And away we go. Decided to give our horses a workout. They’ve been getting lazy since we started riding around on a dragon.


Ruins of Memory is a dungeon we explored way back in Chapter 1. In a way, it was our first “real”, full party dungeon.


Ruins of Memory was only visited once so far, but it was also obliquely referenced at the Leyline Observatory when it was noted that the acronym ARMs in Wild Arms 3 stands for “Artifacts (from) Ruins: Memories”. So this place is quietly relevant across the whole of the game.


Remember when we teamed up with Janus here? Good times.


Eh, I can kinda see it. Looks a little familiar for some reason…

Wild Arms 3 Part 54: Outlaw In-Laws

Rise above it all today, May 15, Phoenix Day. The power source of the first hot air balloon was a phoenix. Fire and smoke both have tendency to fly high, so having a bird with fire is a winning combo for a flying machine. Phoenix Day has nothing to do with hot air balloons! It’s the day the phoenix is reborn.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Maya has been kidnapped! So Maya’s family and Virginia’s groupies are all getting together to rescue the best drifter from the worst demons.


And we’re told they’re over here.


I mean, we got tricked last update, but what are the odds of that happening twice in a row?


Todd is a calming swordsman.


I choose to believe that Tiger Jackson (star of Pac-Man Fever) speaks like this, too.


Todd will do one (1) thing this entire dungeon.


Tsundere kitty.


“We flew you here!”


Spoilers: we will not be seeing any monster guts at the Dissection Facility. I apologize…

Wild Arms 3 Part 53: Caged Hearts

Don’t spit on a stranger just because today is May 8, Pavement Day. When I was a child, I took a big jump on the stone pavement to celebrate this special day. The cobblestone that I landed on sprang up and smacked me straight in the face. Upon realizing the sad fact that it was my first kiss, I slowly fainted.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Virginia and Maya had a reconciliation of sorts while their emotional support boys stood around picking their collective noses. Now everyone is going to work together to scale this Caging Tower and claim the Teardrop.


So let’s get to it!


We are picking back up immediately after the battle with Maya. It’s balls.


These spheres seem to “move” faster than their predecessors further down in the tower. They also contract around your character faster, so wiggle for your life if you run into one.


Other than that, they’re still stationary, and it is just a matter of finding a route where you don’t smack right into one.


There is not a jump plate in this room, but Clive’s grappling hook will help us get where we need to be.


Mr. Winslett? Tear down this bubble generator…

Wild Arms 3 Part 52: Love can Bloom Even on the Battlefield

Mayday, everybody, it is May 1, Wet Towel Day. To feel like a wet towel means to feel heavier with each tear you shed. You can also take it as regret for being born in this world. If you take the opposite view, though, things like guardians and monsters are probably happy they weren’t born as humans.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We explored an ancient, fallen (in more ways than one) city, but it was missing its all-important power source. There are some rumors that this gem might be at a nearby tower, but there are also rumors we may run into a certain infamous family there…



So let’s head on in to Caging Tower.


The first thing you’ll notice is that treasure is around.


But we can’t get to it. Boo. Looks like this will be another “ruin” that lives up to that description.


At least there is a way forward before the collapsed balcony.


Pretty boring dungeon so far…


Ah! Here we go! According to the local lore…