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Wild Arms 3 Part 24: The Self-Righteous Gemstones

Welcome back to Wild Arms 3! Today is October 10, Chocolate Day. Chocolate is a cute sounding name for food. It whets my appetite just by the ring of it. Thank god it wasn’t named choanoflagellate or something. Look the name up in an encyclopedia. You’re not gonna like what you see.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Bang Bang Lucky Janus
Bang Bang Lucky Janus
C’est lui qu’a le truc pour nous étonner
Bang Bang Lucky Janus
Bang Bang Lucky Janus
C’est un homme qui n’a peur de personne
Même pas des Virginia


So we’re back at Humphrey’s Peak collecting ourselves before the next mission.


And now we’re done.


Please be aware that just outside Humphrey’s Peak, there are Jorts with two tails that stand on their forepaws.


And the animation for Wild Arms 3’s sleep spell is a circle of sheep running around the target. This update is shaping up to be adorable!


The main reason I am noting a random encounter (other than the adorbs factor) is that after equipping the Luck Medium and taking a nap at home, Clive now has BEST luck. Assuming I keep that going with Clive’s equipment, this means that Clive will be opening monster treasure chests for the rest of the game. Disarming a trap is 100% luck based, and, while BEST luck is not an absolute guarantee of success, it does mean Clive will be exploded by traps slightly less.


The Gemstone Cave that Clive mentioned a few updates back is north of HP, and requires a horse to jump the crevasse. While you are guaranteed to have a horse at this point (you needed one to start Chapter 2), this may be the first time in the game you are using a Call Whistle to summon your steed past that stupid sand dungeon.


And here we are…