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Wild Arms 3 Part 23: Luck of the Villainous

It looks like today is October 3, Nutrition Day. I’m going to eat a balanced diet of chicken breasts, chicken wings, and chicken drumsticks. It’s important to eat from all the different food groups, right?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: We met what may or may not be an elf, and she helped us get our Pikmin on.


But now we are done with optional content and back on the trail of advancing the plot.


Clive’s family gave us two potential leads. The gem mine is closer physically, but Fortune Gear is a potential Guardian shrine, and those dungeons have consistently reaped the best rewards across this quest.




The last Guardian Shrine felt empty, but, like two shrines back, this one likely has an intruder.


Gonna have to exhume another god corpse…


Dungeon/plot synergy! This room/platform serves no other purpose than to remind you that Clive got married here, and Fortune Gear is available for parties and bar mitzvahs. So let’s get this party started!

Wild Arms 3 Part 17: Sand in Your Huskarl

It is time to turn the crank on the giant machine that says “Let’s Play”; And I am doing that on August 22, Chemistry Day. My hypothesis was that mixing red wine with white wine would produce rose wine, but for some reason it didn’t work out that way. So, I gave up on my experiment and started whining instead.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Slickster, that bugger, was stealing the guardian’s life force. The guardian was being eaten alive.




Clive asks what this “signifies”, and Gallows is taking it personally that the rest of the party isn’t outraged.


Gallows, it is okay. A dude tries to slay one of your gods, you are allowed to get upset.


What we know: bad guys are bad.


Go ahead and check out the last update, because…


Clive, I get that you think you’re being smart here, but “Slickster” literally confirmed he was working with Purple Robes Woman when he named her and said, “I am working with her, dummy”.


Jet out.


Virginia has had a long day, so she’s going to ignore Jet’s usual nonsense today.


That always works in JRPGs!





Wild Arms 3 Part 16: Lunar Silver Slickster Story

This update is appearing on Gogglebob.com on August 15, Mystery Day. Cats that live to old age are said to gain mystical powers. Do you know that former Drifter in Jolly Roger? His real body is the cat rolling around near him and the old Drifter is the cat’s tool.

Previously on Wild Arms 3: It’s a girl! By which we mean we found out that Clive has a daughter, and a different girl tried to kill everybody through a series of dungeon traps. But we rescued a third girl, Claudia, and now it is time to take her home.


Here we are.


Claudia is no worse for having been possessed by the robed woman. Incidentally, Claudia still has her “Ah” accent, so apparently regional dialects supersede possessions.


Gallows has learned nothing.


We have no idea what Claudia remembers from the incident. All we know is she doesn’t give a hoot about Gallows.


Angela, Claudia’s boss who set us on this quest, is happy to have her wage slave back home.


You know, we paid Angela for information to find out about that ruin, but it seems like she is the one making out here…

Wild Arms 3 Part 15: Ruses ‘n Resurrections

We’re going to go ahead and post this on August 8, Infinity Day. Turn the number eight on its side and you get the symbol for infinity. Nifty, isn’t it?

Previously on Wild Arms 3: Our intrepid Drifters crossed the land far and wide to find a clue for something to do. They eventually settled on helping some lost woman destroy an ambiguous magical artifact in random ruins.


These ruins.


Filled with monsters like these.


And puzzles that can be solved with bombs like this.


So fun fact…