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Xenosaga Episode III Part 18: It’s the Little Things (About Giant Robots)

Previously on Xenosaga: Junior and pals wrapped up their little adventure, but we’ve still got a lot of ground to cover with the rest of the cast. So, naturally, we’re going to ignore all that in favor of…

Our next update will begin the final descent into the final dungeon. This doesn’t mean the next update will be our final update (as the final dungeon has… pacing issues), but it does mean this is our last dedicated respite before the end of the game (and the series!). So we’re going to take this update to cover all the sidequests available at the end of XS3 (and a sprinkling of the miniscule postgame, too).

This update will involve a little bit of a time skip, as there are a few cutscenes that precede this exact moment in the game, but they’ll make a lot more sense when visited in the next update. All you need to know right now is that, after escaping Abel’s Ark without incident, we are now parked in the Elsa on the surface of Michtam. Technically, we won’t leave the ship at all during this update, and will be abusing the virtual reality UMN interface. So let’s get to it…

Xenosaga Episode II Part 08: Sound and Fury Signifying Ormus

Previously on Xenosaga: The Brews got back together again, but a big stupid dungeon blocked the only way onto Old Miltia. Tony, ace pilot extraordinaire, crashed the Elsa into the base, and now we’ve gotta walk the rest of the way.

See? It was like that.

We’re on the Elsa, and, if for some reason you want to go chat with some more robots, go ahead and delay the inevitable. Just a reminder that Xenosaga Episode 2 has absolutely no shops, and save points restore all HP/EP, so it’s not like you have to “prepare” before hitting the dungeon proper.

Good day, and welcome to the Ormus Stronghold. First of all, there’s a save point at the start, which would be more important if there hadn’t already been a save point twelve whole seconds ago inside the Elsa. Also, you may notice that we’re now in our ES crafts. Let’s talk ESes!

Xenosaga Episode II Part 02: Crosstown Traffic

Previously on Xenosaga: I am freaking tired of Old Miltia! It’s Old Miltia, guys! Stop flashbacking! Everyone stop flashbacking!

Oh, bullocks, now I’m late for church.

Here’s a pretty typical looking nun.

Oh ho ho, is this Margulis’s boss? Let’s find out!