Wild Arms 2: What in Blazes? FAQ

Kind of a dummyWhat’s going on here?

This is a Let’s Play of Wild Arms 2. This is not a franchise-spanning Let’s Play like some LPs, just Wild Arms 2.

So will you be addressing the other Wild Arms games?

Not very much! Truth be told, I only played Wild Arms 1 (and its remake), Wild Arms 2, and Wild Arms 3 to completion. By the time of Wild Arms 4, I had kind of fallen out of love with playing every JRPG that came down the pike, and I quit that one somewhere about halfway through. Wild Arms 5 met a similar fate, and Wild Arms PSP was a gorram tactics game, and who has time for that?

So what’s the spoiler policy here?

You can pretty much assume I’m not going to spoil other Wild Arms games, because I can barely remember those adventures. Actually, that’s a lie, I’m probably going to bring up superficial similarities between WA2 and other WA games (that I’ve played), but, in general, this will be laser-focused on WA2. I will also likely spoil Final Fantasy 7, a game wherein Aeris dies, and other JRPGS contemporary to Wild Arms 2. I will also inevitably make references to Kingdom Hearts and Xenosaga, because, hi, I’m Goggle Bob.

Should I read this LP if I’ve never played Wild Arms 2 before?

Sure, why not? I may make oblique references to future events, so don’t expect a completely “surprise-based” Let’s Play, but, other than that, I’ll be doing my best to make sure old fans and new may enjoy this Playstation 1 JRPG from 1999.

What will be the focus of this Let’s Play?

Like a certain other franchise, Wild Arms 2 has a reputation for having a confusing mess of a plot. Whether this is because of a weird translation (“weird” is probably the best descriptor here), the plot is plain bonkers, or some combination of both is immaterial. One way or another, it seems that a lot of people that played Wild Arms 2 have no damn idea what just happened, so maybe this Let’s Play will rectify that.

So you’re focusing on the story?

It’s what I do! Speaking of “What I do”, like the Xenosaga LP, I will be cheating my ass off here, so don’t expect killer boss strategies.

Cheating? Again?

Wild Arms 2 has a classic JRPG battle system. That means it’s boring as hell. I don’t think I’d be able to continue the LP if I had to repeat a dungeon, like, once. Sorry! This cheating is for your own good.

Picture or Video LP?

I’m gonna copy and paste this from the last LP: Picture, for two reasons. One, I personally find it difficult to “follow” video LPs, if only because if I’m in a situation where I can sit down and “watch” something, I’m probably watching a scripted show, and not someone else play a video game. This isn’t to disparage video LPs, incidentally, it’s just how my own viewing habits work, which naturally influences what I myself produce.

Are these pictures small?

Sorry if it’s a little hard to read, but I’m formatting these shots so they’ll appear well on mobile devices as well as computers-proper. I have a tendency to browse the net on my phone, and, again, I’m a giant narcissist, so I assume my audience is me. I understand me.

Hey, you missed (fill in the blank)! What gives?

This isn’t a walk through, and I’m not going to hit every single sidequest, because I want this thing to end before the heat death of the universe. I’m also not, if I can help it, using a FAQ, so it’s pretty inevitable that I’m going to miss some stuff. All that said, the comments are open for the whole LP, and I do tend to read and reply to them.

This is a classic JRPG with a lot of name options, may we, the audience, choose the names of characters?

No! This is a no fun zone! Errmm… I mean… In the interest of fully analyzing the plot, we’ll be sticking to the default names for most of the characters. … I just really don’t want to write a thousand page essay on the motivations of PANTS! Winchester.
When does this LP Update?

This LP will update at least once a week on Saturdays, and occasionally there may be an update on Sunday if I deign two parts should be read closer together. Currently this “version” of the LP is a few weeks behind its Talking Time twin, but it may catch up as time goes on.

Anything else?

Special thanks to this Wild Arms 2 script that will save me quite a bit of time.