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FGC Greatest Hits #5

Okay, I lied before. Turns out there will be an article on Friday. Yeah… that’s the ticket.

In the meanwhile, let’s talk about Let’s Plays!

Xenosaga Let’s Play
Somehow, I chose the entire Xenosaga trilogy as my first Let’s Play, and that only took a year or so of my life. Sometimes I wonder how I put up with that franchise for so long, but, if I’m being honest, it is a really great franchise to Let’s Play. Or at least for me to Let’s Play. It’s amazing how much of that franchise pretty much just requires riffing on random nonsense going on. And then there’s a dungeon every few hours. Might be terrible for gameplay, but it seems to work well for Let’s Play’ing.

Wild Arms 2 Let’s Play
Wild Arms 2 is my currently ongoing Let’s Play, and it’s been surprisingly difficult. There are long breaks in that story where it’s just, like, a videogame, and what am I supposed to do with that? A detailed explanation of how cartoon bombs work? Ugh. Can we get back to random talky talk nonsense? I’m pretty sure my next Let’s Play will just be a movie review (this is a complete lie).

Wild Arms 2 Part 32: Inexplicable Halloween Special

Previously on Wild Arms:

So we’ve got our “airship” now, and that grants us access to the whole of the world. As a result, this update is going to be entirely optional content… though the first two items are arguably optional content that is more important than some of the mandatory stuff we’ll get to later.

So let’s explore this random castle in the middle of nowhere…

Wild Arms 2 Part 31: Sleeping Volcano, Hidden Dragon

Previously on Wild Arms: Ashley turned into a raging monster, but Marina talked him down, so now he’s just a regular monster. Also, Kanon totally flaked, which I believe officially makes every member of ARMS a complete failure.

But we did destroy a nuclear dragon, so our approval ratings are soaring.

“Sitting here watching while a gang of five or six people saved the world.”

Gosh, isn’t that an interesting way of looking at things.

Something someone said strike your fancy, Irving?

Have you seen half the monsters on this planet? There are giant, mutant rats living right outside your castle.

This was mentioned in a random book earlier, but, yes, most of the mechanical weaponry in this Filgaia comes directly from dragon fossils.

Ha ha, Irving. Don’t you think people would notice if there were dragons running around. I mean…

Wild Arms 2 Part 30: The Last(ing) Scars of Odessa

Previously on Wild Arms: We learned everything we ever wanted to know about Kanon, but were afraid to ask. … Mainly because of the way she brandishes that knife. Girl is fierce.

But no time to talk to Kanon now, Marina has been kidnapped!

Oh, Marina has been kidnapped to a dungeon within driving distance. Convenient.

“Is… are… Are we supposed to visit the frozen lake of Hell?”
“It’s unclear.”

Oh yeah, Cocytus was named after the bit in Dante’s Inferno wherein… Hey! It’s one thing for a fictional group to use a cool sounding name, but Filgaia actually has its own version of Dante’s Inferno? Or Greek mythology? Greece makes it more of a river…

Caina was sucked into a death portal upon defeat back at the Diablo Pillar, and this is what happens when you just assume a black hole is going to crush someone to death.

“That’s great, Ashley. Let’s calmly sit here and discuss the concept of ‘quickly’…”