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Xenosaga Episode III Special 4: Beyond Xenosaga

Previously on Xenosaga: Xenosaga is over, folks! There are no more games left, I’ve said everything about the franchise I want to say, and I don’t think we’re going to be seeing Xenosaga HD in time for the Christmas season. It’s done, folks!

But just because a franchise ends, doesn’t mean it’s completely forgotten. Xenosaga has sent its tendrils far past its own release, so we’ll be spending this, the final update for this LP, looking at the games that Xenosaga, in some way, touched.

If you see a game’s title in bold text, fair warning, there are likely to be spoilers.

Now let’s start with the most obvious entry, the immediate sequel to Xenosaga…

Final Fantasy 13 (12/17/09 Japan, 03/09/10 USA) Playstation 3/Xbox 360

Wait… no. That’s… that’s not right…

Xenosaga Episode III Part 16: Oh, Daddy

Previously on Xenosaga: Turns out the worst dungeon in the game was a deliberate, time-wasting trap created by Yuriev. This… doesn’t excuse every other terrible time sink of a dungeon in the franchise, but, hey, it’s nice someone noticed.

Where were we? Oh yes, Yuriev has his eyes on invading the Durandal and stealing the Zohar Emulators. I don’t see why anyone is worried, Mary and Shelley are at the helm, and they… uh… have… nice… teeth?

Here’s Omega, swooping into the Durandal to ruin everyone’s day.

Federation Forces invade the ship with aplomb.

And rifles.

Oh, here’s another bit of censorship. It’s not really “important” to the story (like Shion’s fun times), but this guy straight up blows this lady’s brains out in the Japanese version, and we only get a fade to black stateside. This will be the last big edit until the finale, to my knowledge.

And the man himself is making his way to the bridge.

Durandal! Turtle up!

Xenosaga Episode II Part 11: Sidequest Roundup

Previously on Xenosaga: We got up to the final boss, but we gave up, because it’s time for…

You may recall Bunnie the apparently real rabbit granting Shion the ability to participate in the Global Samaritan Campaign, a contest of sorts that challenges Second Miltia residents to help 36 or so people across the galaxy. Shion is the helpful sort, so she accepted the task, and now we’re going to see how that pans out.

Game talk: Xenosaga Episode 1 had practically nothing that was secondary from the main plot. You could deliver some seeds to Luty, track down some doors, build a robot, fight three optional bosses… and that’s it. Everything else was entirely contained to the primary quest, and once that was done, there really wasn’t much to do.

Xenosaga Episode 2 decided to rectify this oversight with sidequests on top of sidequests. Many of these sidequests are available from the first moment you have free time (give or take), and the game practically shouts at you at key points in the game, “Hey, maybe you want to go explore or something?” And, with 36 numbered sidequests, you know your exact progress, and can review your quest log at any time to check your development. This really seems to be an example of the developers seeing a clear flaw in XS1, and improving it for the sequel.

But… is it any good? Let’s take a look.

Xenosaga Episode I Special: The Animation Part 2

Previously on Xenosaga the Animation: This is the story of super handsome Allen Ridgeley, beautiful girls, and their animated adventures of love, lust… and Virgil is still alive.

Episode 8: Encephalon

We open… in Soul Society? What the hell?

Oh, this is Jin’s house. Jin, you may recall, is Shion’s brother. In both XS1 and XTA, Jin is only previously glimpsed briefly at the top of the adventure, when Shion is chastising him for caring about their parent’s memorial service. Now he’s… watching TV?

Actually, chaos snuck off at the end of the last episode to give Jin a call and request backup. … What?

Meanwhile, Shion is in the Virtual World…