Fustian Gaming Challenge FAQ

Q. Well what’s all this then?
A. The Fustian Gaming Challenge is all about playing a randomly chosen video game, and then writing about it in some way. Simple as that.

Q. Randomly chosen?Random Rob
A. I own a number of video games across a number of video game systems. Because I am a turbo-nerd, I have all of these games organized in a database. Random ROB here chooses a game at random from said database, and that, as we say, is that.

Q. How often does the challenge occur?
A. Currently, the site updates at least once a week, on Monday. More days may be added as time allows.

Q. Do you play each game to completion?
A. Oh my no. At minimum, I play each game for an hour. Depending on the fun involved, this number can dramatically increase, but there’s no way I would be able to play through most any game released after 1995 so often. There’s only so many hours in a day…

Q. So you’re reviewing these games?
A. Nah. I’m sure some articles will present themselves like reviews, but I’m not limiting how I write about a given game. Be prepared for completely meandering anecdotes tangentially related to the game at hand, or perhaps a haiku or two. Maybe we’ll go with a coloring book? I don’t know, whatever strikes my fancy.

Q. Spoilers?
A. Assume that if I am covering a game, I am going to spoil the game and every game ever related to it. Fast and loose here. If a game is particularly recent or “story based” (ie known for its twists), I will likely throw up an additional warning.

Q. Where did all these pictures come from?
A. Unless otherwise noted, all images are captured by yours truly, often at the time I was playing the game for the article you’re reading. It’s like you’re playing that game with me! Yay!