FGC Greatest Hits #2

Mega!So one thing I love about this site is that I can approach games that are remarkably similar, and hit them with completely different approaches. Or… something. Screw it, let’s just talk about Mega Man.

Mega Man Legacy Collection
Do you like nursery rhymes about Mega Man? Because I sure do.

Mega Man X2
And speaking of things that could potentially rhyme, here’s a dramatically out of season Christmas Special.

Mega Man
But sometimes we have to get serious and consider that Mega Man (1) may or may not be that good.

Mega Man 6 & Mega Man 7
And then it’s back to playing around in a live stream featuring two moderately related Mega Man titles.

Mega Man’s Soccer
Finally, we have the sad tale of a doctor trying to build his own soccer team. He almost achieved his dream!

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